Not a bucket list: the travel priority challenge

I’ve been reading a lot on other travel blogs recently about bucket lists, and had started giving more thought to my own. Then, I came across this post by Adventurous Kate (which inspired this great post by Paul at My Postcard From), and they made great points about setting travel priorities instead of making a checklist of list of things to do before dying. In short, if travel is a priority, make it a priority.

Following Kate’s challenge to identify 5-10 travel priorities and complete at least one in the next two years – challenge accepted! I want to see a lot of things for a lot of different reasons, but these are the things that occupy my daydreams and evening Googling. With that in mind, here is my not-a-bucket-list list of travel priorities for the next two to twenty years.

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Guest post: My travels from A to Z by Jill of Couchtime with Jill

Today I’m pleased to share a guest post I received from my clever friend Jill. Her TV blog, Couchtime with Jill, is my go-to stop for television recaps, criticism and witticism. If you like tv, and enjoy both the thoughtful appreciation of television and considered snark about television, get over to her blog tout de suite.

Jill’s also had her fair share of adventures, which heavily feature one of my future destinations – South Africa. So grab your favourite beverage, find a comfy spot, and enjoy Jill’s adventures!

I can’t kill a wasp, but I can jump off a bridge without batting an eyelash

A: Age you went on your first trip

When I was two I was taken to Disney World, which I’m told I pretty much slept through. I went on a couple road trips as a younger kid, and my first flight when I was ten.  I went to Toronto and Buffalo, NY.

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Favourite photos: Butterflies in La Barceloneta, Barcelona

I had the good luck and good foresight to visit Barcelona during La Mercè. The mood was festive, and every corner of the city seemed to be swept up in the celebration. I wanted to visit Barceloneta Beach and dip my feet in the warm autumn waters of the Mediterranean, and to get there faster, I took a shortcut through the Barceloneta neighbourhood. The shortcut was fortuitous, since I soon encountered the subject of my favourite photo from Barcelona, and one of my all-time favourite travel photos.

La Barceloneta is densely-built, with short, compact buildings, and streets that are wide enough for a single vehicle. It’s also a neighbourhood in transition, with the working class families who have lived there for decades being squeezed out by rising housing costs, due in part to the growth in renting apartments for holiday accommodations. There were more than a few signs, in several languages, telling tourists to go stay somewhere else and let families keep their homes.

Turning on to Carrer del Pescadors – the fishermen’s street – I had the wind knocked out of me by a carpet of colour, in the form of brightly-coloured plastic butterflies.

La Barceloneta Barcelona Spain butterflies

Wandering in this part of the city gives you a perspective on Barcelona life that is so different, it needs to be explored to be appreciated. The narrow streets are plentiful, but the neighbourhood is generally poorly represented on most tourist maps. No matter, just follow the streets until you hit the sea.

Picture perfect Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Earlier this week, I talked about my day of hometown adventure in Lunenburg (Hometown travel: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia), but that post didn’t tell the whole story. Lunenburg is a picture-perfect town, with an interesting image to be found on every corner and in every nook or cranny. These photos don’t have particular stories attached to them, but I hope this “post of postcards” shows the town’s charm and loveliness.

Rum Row Lunenburg Nova Scotia

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Animal friends at Nova Scotia’s farm markets

No day trip around Nova Scotia is complete without a stop at a farm market for fresh local vegetables and homemade baked goods. A number of markets has expanded their offerings to include “farm friends” as well – small, friendly farm animals. When I was in the Annapolis Valley recently, I had the chance to meet the farm friends at two stops.

First, Noggins Corner Farm Market in Greenwich, Nova Scotia, where meeting the mini horses was an extra special treat after buying some fresh, local spinach and other salad fixings. Fans of Parks and Recreation should be pretty jealous, because we have not one, but three L’il Sebastians, though only two would pose together:

Mini horses Noggins Corner Farm Market Greenwich Nova Scotia

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