Vintage travel: summer in Cape Breton

Who wouldn’t want to spend summer in Cape Breton in 1928 or today? Another delightful Cape Breton tourism image from the Nova Scotia Archives. Fashionable travelers may enjoy another image from this series.

To learn more about visiting Cape Breton, start here.

Cape Breton: Unspoiled Summerland of America


7 thoughts on “Vintage travel: summer in Cape Breton”

  1. aww your sweet.
    really are they friendly? like is it small town that everyone knows eachother. i lived in halifax but i dont know how lunenberg feels if you can describe how it feels to live there it would be nice. like are they accepting of non white folk? since i am middle eastern ?

    1. It is a small town where everybody knows everybody, they say hello on the street and wave when passing by in a car. In recent years, many people have moved to Lunenburg from other places, so I get the vibe that it’s very friendly and welcoming. I grew up outside of Lunenburg and there’s been a large-ish Lebanese community in the area for several generations, so people are certainly used to knowing people originally from the Middle East. It’s definitely smaller than Halifax, but the number of “new” people in the town mean they’re quite used to welcoming newcomers!

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