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Do You Really Know Your Trip Planner? (TripORama) Great question. Some people are born travel planners, others end up there by default.

Our Packing list for a Round-the-World Trip (Wild Junket) I pore over packing lists with the same enthusiasm that others do the Sunday crossword. Here are Nellie and Roberto’s individual lists for their upcoming RTW.

Six common photography mistakes — and how to avoid them (Lonely Planet) More great travel photography tips from LP. Eventually, all of us will simply take good pictures and no one will need to Instagram anything.

Souvenirs: the fridge magnet thing that got way out of hand

Collecting fridge magnets from my travels started when I traveled for work. It was a way to embrace the kitschiness of travel and celebrate the randomness of some of the places I went. Then, family and friends started bringing fun magnets home from their travels. Then, when I started traveling more, I kept picking them up along the way for myself and my friends. Over time, it has gotten completely out of control.

Recently, I posted a picture of my temporary feline roommate, Stringer Bell, as he had not fully embraced the “get off of the refrigerator” policy in my house. One of my friends commented that I had a pretty epic fridge magnet collection, and after further consideration, I’m inclined to believe her.

Fridge magnet souvenirs

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Guest post: Edible adventures and strawberry U-Picks in Truro by Kathy

Greetings friends, I’m all played out from Tall Ships 2012, and when Twitter-friend and Halifax food blogger Kathy Jollimore offered to write a post about a day trip adventure in Truro, I jumped at the offer. Berry picking is a classic Nova Scotia summer adventure, and I can’t believe I forgot to include it on my list of hometown travel plans. Join me in welcoming Kathy to Bite-sized Travel!

I generally don’t post about my Nova Scotia day trips so I am incredibly stoked that I get to ‘guest post’ on the one and only Bite Sized Travel. While I have yet to meet Krista in person, we have chatted on Twitter and I thought she would appreciate my daycation as part of Operation Hometown Traveler which chronicles her travels in and around the Maritimes.  So giddy up!

The whole reason behind our day trip to Truro was to get our strawberry picking on. Strawberry season in Nova Scotia is not something to miss, and it being our first summer in Nova Scotia in 7 years, we wanted in on the action. A week earlier I had used some River Breeze berries in a cake for my niece’s high school graduation so we knew we would not be disappointed with a trip to their U-pick outside of Truro.

Nova Scotia strawberries Truro Riverbreeze

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Tall Ships 2012, Day 5, Parade of Sail

Not ready to end your Tall Ships 2012 experience? Check out how I spent Day 1Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 of Tall Ships 2012. 

What’s a party without a parade? Great question, and one that I was happy to answer on Day 5 of Tall Ships 2012.

Tall Ships events end with a grand sail-past better known as the Parade of Sail, which is often one of a few chances to see the ships with their sails on full display. I was lucky enough to have a front-row seat for the occasion thanks to the organizers of this year’s festival. Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough: get a friend with a boat.

The parade started with our favourite tugboat, Theodore Tugboat, who led the ships around the Big Harbour and out to sea.

Tall Ships 2012 Parade of Sail Theodore Too

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