Tall Ships 2012, Day 2 highlights

Get caught up on what I did on Day 1 of Tall Ships, then read about what I’ve been eating over at the Taste of Nova Scotia’s Food Fare by the Sea.

I’m having so much fun at Tall Ships 2012, it’s probably not fair. Day 2, Friday, July 20 was chockablock with adventures on land and sea, and the food. So much good food.

First up, Day 2’s events have solidified the notion that I must add a tall ship adventure to my travel priorities list. I overheard a conversation where one of the crew was telling a guest why the love travelling by tall ship, “When you arrive by plane, no one notices you’ve arrived. But when you arrive on a ship…”

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Waterfront

A note of caution: watch out for pirates!

Tall Ships 2012 pirate HMS Bounty

Also, follow all strongly worded warnings about explosives.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Pride of Baltimore

I spent a lot of today on the ships (and eating). Furthering my Klout-renowned expertise in unicorns, I found another to add to my collection on the all-female-crewed training vessel, the Unicorn.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Unicorn

Some of the ships let you go below deck to see common areas and crew living quarters. Funny thing, there’s not a tremendous difference between the galley kitchen on the Roseway and the one in my place. One big difference, the Roseway has a skylight which is also used for storing watermelons.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Roseway

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Roseway

Parks Canada’s commemoration of the War of 1812 continues with lots of fun for kids (and short adults). First stop, fresh 1812-style ink.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Parks Canada War of 1812

Tested out 1812-style masks.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Parks Canada War of 1812 pavilion

And wore a wool uniform in the middle of the hottest Nova Scotia July in my lifetime.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Parks Canada War of 1812

Then, a pipes and drums band put on a short concert.

Tall Ships 2012 pipe and drums

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax pipes and drums

With visits by so many ships from the past, it can be easy to avoid thinking about the future, and that’s why Bullfrog Power was on hand to explain how they were providing green power to Tall Ships 2012. It’s not at all travel-related, but I found their approach to green energy fascinating.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Bullfrog Power

One of my favourite discoveries of the day was learning Halifax Regional Police was patrolling Halifax Harbour on Sea-Doos. I can’t top my original Tweet about it, so I’m just going to go ahead and plagiarize myself. “Did you know @HfxRegPolice is patrolling by Sea-Doo? Boss move, 5-0.” The very cool HRP officers who patrol their social media channels validated me by laughing, so I’m just going to keep making Hawaii/Halifax 5-0 jokes.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Regional Police Sea-Doo

The Gazela was a lovely old ship with a fascinating history. Her original Portuguese owners installed Portuguese navigational equipment, which remains in place today.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Gazela

The biggest ship joining us for Tall Ships this year is the US Coast Guard training vessel Eagle. I happened by just as she was arriving in port.

Tall Ships 2012 USCG Eagle

What did you say your name was again?

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax USCG Eagle

Just another day at the office on board the Bounty. I really liked the well-dressed lady figurehead, which I shot from every conceivable angle.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Bounty

The Peacemaker was fascinating. Relatively spacious by ship standards. Crew make stoneware pottery on board, selling the mugs and bowls to finance the operation of the ship.

Tall Ship 2012 Halifax Peacemaker

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Peacemaker

The Picton Castle, which makes her home in Lunenburg when she’s not exploring the South Pacific, had a lot of fun things on board. Like this literal banana hammock.

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Picton Castle bananas

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Picton Castle

Tall Ships 2012 Halifax Picton Castle

On Day 3, I’m heading back to the island (that one’s for you Lost fans). Georges Island.

The opinion presented within this post is my own, and I would like to thank the Waterfront Development Corporation Limited  for inviting me to participate in Tall Ships 2012 and providing a media pass for the event. Any time I receive a discount or complimentary service in my capacity as a travel blogger, I disclose it. 

5 thoughts on “Tall Ships 2012, Day 2 highlights”

  1. Once again you thrill me with your ‘travels’..we hope to be in Halifax on Friday..I shall keep an eye out for you…in the meantime…I know you are enjoying yourself…Much Love Auntie


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