Sunday reading

Hey, we’re really burning through August! For you Saturday Night Live fans out there, August means SNL’s annual ticket lottery is open. Will lightning strike twice for your correspondent?

Dining solo: a confession and a discovery (SoloTraveler) Admittedly, dining is one of the more awkward things about solo travel, but Janice Waugh of SoloTraveler has found a spot in New Hampshire with a wonderful and welcoming approach to solo diners. Three cheers!

The Poison Plant Patch (Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History) The Museum sent me a link to a database of all of Nova Scotia’s poisonous plants and now I’m obsessed with it. For example, Nova Scotia has 2,987 known varieties of poisonous mushrooms. Also, buttercups are a skin irritant. Do you have any idea how many of these things I probably ate as a kid, running around in the woods of Lunenburg County?

How to be a good traveler (National Geographic Travel) Easy steps to follow while traveling, and in life, for better travel experiences and better travel karma.

Mapping Julia Child’s Milestones around the World (The Daily Meal) One of my favourite books of the past few years is Julia Child’s My Life in France, a memoir of her travel and culinary adventures. This post is a visual journey through the places that contributed to Julia’s remarkable life.