Sunday reading

5 Ways Travel Boosts our Confidence (Wanderful World) Travel helps immensely with our ongoing development as people – if you let it.

Yikes, my friend backed out! Should I go solo? (Solo Traveler) Yes. Janice makes a great case for solo travel when your travel companion plans fall apart.

Hotel staff of Reddit, what is something that hotels keep from their guests? (Reddit) This was as horrifying as it was informative. Knowledge is power!

Where do you want to go? (Let’s Go!) Great tips to get you thinking about where to go and get motivated to start planning.

Mind the gap: the mobile traveler leads the way, but who will follow? (TNooz) Great analysis of the power of smartphones, mobile technology, and travel.

4 thoughts on “Sunday reading”

  1. Great reads, and really interesting about mobile devices. I used mine for the first time on a trip to NYC, I kept the use to a minimum because of crazy data packages, but it absolutely came in handy.

    I also plan on using it on my trip to Europe (airplane mode on), I’ve got some great apps for street and metro maps, it’s way more discreet than hauling out a paper map.

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