About Krista

Me and Steve the Camel on lovely day in the Sahara Desert.
Me and Steve the Camel, on lovely day in the Sahara Desert.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, my primary objectives are to see the world, eat as much of it as possible and share the best of what I find, a couple of times a week or so.

Mild-mannered Regular Jane by day, intrepid traveler when time and money permit, I love sharing the fun bits of my previous adventures and I’m always happy to talk about planning the next one. I don’t like travel bucket lists. Setting death as a deadline is … curious.

2014 travel: A big year! I went to New York in the spring, with a longer journey to Dublin, London and Reykjavik in the summer. In the fall, I went back to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago from Leon. This year changed everything for me.

2015 travel and beyond: Ask me an easier question. I recently lost my job and have just been re-employed, so my travel plans have been delayed while I get my feet under me. I’ve got the travel bug, and will continue to look at how to make it all work. The places I’m most excited about visit now are Haiti, returning to Iceland and Ireland, and making a longer return trip to South Africa.

I write a lot. I’ve been working as a jane-of-all-trades analyst/researcher/project manager/everything else that, until now, has been unrelated to what I write, talk, or think about over here. For fun, I give my two cents over at Fashionable People, Questionable Things as their older, wiser, unpaid intern.  A fan of eating everything in sight, I have also done some food writing for Taste of Nova Scotia.

I’ve decided it’s possible to be a full-time traveler, it’s just a matter of perspective. I spent summer 2012 pursuing “Operation Hometown Traveler” as a way to challenge myself to find the unique, beautiful, and interesting about my hometown of Halifax and home province of Nova Scotia. Just like I would when traveling “away.” In July 2012, I started writing occasional blogs for NovaScotia.com, the province’s travel and tourism promotion website, about the many exciting and amazing things to do in our province. Every tourism ambassador needs an official photo, right?

Krista Spurr Nova Scotia Tourism Ambassador

Contact me in the comments if you have questions, please note I do not accept advertising or guest posts with link placements – thanks for stopping by!

Twitter: @bitesizedtravel

LinkedIn: Krista Spurr

Instagram: kristaspurr

Disclosure: Any time I receive a discount or complimentary service as a travel blogger, I disclose it within the post.

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14 thoughts on “About Krista”

  1. I love that you’re planning ahead for travel. In 2013, I’m hoping for Bequia and planning for 2 weeks in Newfoundland in fall; in 2014, Big Bend National Park in Texas.

  2. Hi, Krista. I wanted to thank you for following my blog, although I’m a couple of months late! I was just in Cape Town for a few days a couple of weeks ago; it really is, as one of my friends said, “ridiculously beautiful.” I hope you enjoy South Africa and your future travels!

  3. Hey Krista! I really enjoy your blog and insights about travel… And because of that, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blogging Award! Please check out my nominations; I’d love to hear your responses to the 11 questions. Here’s the link: wp.me/p1l2vJ-an. Cheers, and happy travels! :-)


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