Guest posts

Do you want all of the fun of writing a travel blog, with none of the commitment? I’m always looking for fun and interesting guest posts and travel bites to share. I will consider guest posts from amateur travel bloggers, students, and other writers looking to gain experience in the field.

General Guidelines

Bite-sized Travel is focused on experiential travel, budget travel, and culinary experiences both in Canada and abroad. To ensure guest post writers are treated fairly, I share the following guidelines up front:

If you've seen a funky keyboard like this, you are A+ blog writer material.

If you’ve seen a funky keyboard like this, you are A+ travel blogger material.

Suggested topics: Proposed content should be specific in nature, with no obvious spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Writers are encouraged to submit up to three blog post topic ideas before submitting posts. I’ll advise if the topics are relevant and suitable for the blog and whether I am interested in the post.

Content: Only original content is considered. Guest post writers retain the rights to their content and images, but I will not publish posts appearing on other blogs. I reserve the right to edit language for length, clarity, and appropriateness. I will let you review the final version before it is scheduled for publication. I reserve the right to remove content if I discover it is posted elsewhere, before or after it is posted on Bite-sized Travel.

Format: I like posts to be between 250 and 750 words. Writers may apply formatting, but I will edit it for the look and feel of the blog. Submission of images is encouraged, up to five per post. They will be resized for space purposes.

Promotion: I will promote the guest post through my social media channels, and provide links back to guest post writers’ blogs and social media channels. I ask guest posters to promote my blog address through their social media channels in return. I will re-post through social media channels over weekends.

External links: Links in guest posts are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please see Advertising, sponsored sponsored posts or link placements for more information about external links in guest posts.

Remuneration: No financial remuneration is provided.

For more information, contact me via email.

Right of refusal: I reserve the right to refuse content that is not relevant to the blog, offensive, plagiarized, or otherwise unsuitable.

Advertising, sponsored posts & link placements

I’ll consider your request for sponsored posts, once I receive your pitch email and CAD$100 non-refundable link placement application fee (payable via PayPal). Please note acceptance of application fee does not constitute acceptance of proposed post or confer a promise to publish the post. All posts with commercial link placement are noted as “Sponsored” at the top and bottom of the post. Email me for more details.

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