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A one-day Paris itinerary, or, “What I did on my Paris vacation”

I’m surprised by the number of search hits I get from visitors using suspiciously long search terms like: “What I saw in Paris vacation” or “Paris vacation homework.” As a former overachiever, the thought of someone using my blog to do their homework for them bothers me. If you are doing this, I hope my Paris posts remind you of the good times you had on your trip and inspire you to work hard and stay in school so you can make a good living and travel much, much more.

Paris Pont Alexandre III Eiffel Tower

Teachers who found this post by searching “What I did on my Paris vacation,” welcome! I’m so happy to have you here and I don’t want your students borrowing liberally from blog posts either!  Continue reading

Follow me through Spain!

And… I’m off! While I’m working my way across Spain, I invite you to keep checking back for updates about what I’m seeing, doing, and where I’m walking as I fulfill a travel goal I set way back in 2011.


I’ll be posting on all of my social media channels (one assumes):

Tweets by @krisp131, my general nonsense account:

Tweets by @bitesizedtravel, the tailored account for the blog:


Check out kristaspurr on Instagram. Spain is a gloriously beautiful country, I hope I can do it justice.


I can’t say whether I post or not, so… maybe? Keep checking! For more information, check out my Camino de Santiago page.

Flying with hiking poles for Canadian peregrinos

Just last week, the Canadian Air Transport Safety Authority (CATSA) send out a cute tweet that was very timely:

This wasn’t new information, but it did remind me of a loathsome task I’ve been putting off: calling Air Canada to find out how to pack my hiking poles to improve the chances they will actually arrive with me in Spain. Continue reading