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Budget and expenses: The cost of the Camino de Santiago

One question pops up frequently on the forums: “How much does the Camino de Santiago cost?”  and it’s a good one. However, there’s no really easy answer because it depends.

Budget for the Camino de Santiago

Your budget for the Camino should account for most of these factors:

  • Length of trip
  • Style of accommodations: from municipal albergues  and donativos to casa rurales and hotels, the options and costs vary wildly. (Donativo/€5 to €50-60/night)
  • Food and beverage intake
  • Donativos
  • Additional transportation if you  take the train or bus to jump ahead. (Research train costs on RENFE, bus costs on ALSA)
  • Backpack transportation if you send your backpack ahead. The daily rate is about €7 a day from St Jean to Sarria, then  €3-4 a day from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.
  • First aid/medical care: plan to buy additional bandages, tape and mystery potions, hope for the best.
  • Contingency for unanticipated expenses, souvenirs and anything else you purchase along the way

Jacotrans backpack mochila transport

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My Camino de Santiago packing list: what worked, what didn’t

I’ve talked about my love/obsession with packing lists in the past and planning for the Camino is no exception. I worked on my packing list for months, diligently researching, reading the forums, learning from the successes and mistakes of others. While the starting point for this list was the one I’ve been using for years, it was enhanced and improved by the steady stream of packing information that flows through the Camino forums and the many knowledgeable people I’ve met in real life and through social media who are pilgrims, outdoorspeople, packing enthusiasts and many, many more.

Backpack in Hospital de Orbigo

I also tried to approach this list by identifying the needs that would have to be met during my journey. A Maslow’s packing pyramid, if you will! My conclusion: feet, hydration, protection from the elements, sleep, food, finances. Then, secondarily, navigation, ease of travel, memory retention.

Here is the result, my packing list and post-Camino thoughts on how much I used a particular item and whether I’d take again next time (BREAKING NEWS: there will be a next time.)

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A one-day Paris itinerary, or, “What I did on my Paris vacation”

I’m surprised by the number of search hits I get from visitors using suspiciously long search terms like: “What I saw in Paris vacation” or “Paris vacation homework.” As a former overachiever, the thought of someone using my blog to do their homework for them bothers me. If you are doing this, I hope my Paris posts remind you of the good times you had on your trip and inspire you to work hard and stay in school so you can make a good living and travel much, much more.

Paris Pont Alexandre III Eiffel Tower

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