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Sunday reading

I have finally given in and joined Pinterest. I’m still not sure what to do with it, but if you’d like to follow along as I muddle through it, come on down!

Where to Buy Luxe Travel Sized Goodies (Meghan’s Guilty Pleasures Travel Blog) A well-curated selection of links to online shops to buy travel-sized things.

23 Things I Would Like In My Hotel Room (Y Travel Blog) Free wireless internet earns my eternal love and a glowing recommendation.  It’s funny, the more expensive the accommodation, the more likely you’ll pay for internet, while budget accommodations often throw it in for free.

10 Safety Mistakes Women Shouldn’t Make When Traveling Alone (Smarter Travel) Some good reminders as I prepare for an adventure this fall.

Foolproof Travel Outfit (Travelista) Travel, packing & style normally fit into a couple of categories: lightweight “adventure gear” and super stylish piles of stuff. Travelista suggests my kind of travel outfit and a packing light how-to that is common sense and stylin’.

5 Tips for Delicious Food Photos (Mashable) With the amount of food photography going on out there, we have a collective responsibility to take good food pics.

South Africans encouraged to take a break (South African Tourism) The South African Minister of Tourism validates my idea of traveling in your own country like a tourist.

Sunday reading

5 Ways Travel Boosts our Confidence (Wanderful World) Travel helps immensely with our ongoing development as people – if you let it.

Yikes, my friend backed out! Should I go solo? (Solo Traveler) Yes. Janice makes a great case for solo travel when your travel companion plans fall apart.

Hotel staff of Reddit, what is something that hotels keep from their guests? (Reddit) This was as horrifying as it was informative. Knowledge is power!

Where do you want to go? (Let’s Go!) Great tips to get you thinking about where to go and get motivated to start planning.

Mind the gap: the mobile traveler leads the way, but who will follow? (TNooz) Great analysis of the power of smartphones, mobile technology, and travel.

Sunday reading

Hey, we’re really burning through August! For you Saturday Night Live fans out there, August means SNL’s annual ticket lottery is open. Will lightning strike twice for your correspondent?

Dining solo: a confession and a discovery (SoloTraveler) Admittedly, dining is one of the more awkward things about solo travel, but Janice Waugh of SoloTraveler has found a spot in New Hampshire with a wonderful and welcoming approach to solo diners. Three cheers!

The Poison Plant Patch (Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History) The Museum sent me a link to a database of all of Nova Scotia’s poisonous plants and now I’m obsessed with it. For example, Nova Scotia has 2,987 known varieties of poisonous mushrooms. Also, buttercups are a skin irritant. Do you have any idea how many of these things I probably ate as a kid, running around in the woods of Lunenburg County?

How to be a good traveler (National Geographic Travel) Easy steps to follow while traveling, and in life, for better travel experiences and better travel karma.

Mapping Julia Child’s Milestones around the World (The Daily Meal) One of my favourite books of the past few years is Julia Child’s My Life in France, a memoir of her travel and culinary adventures. This post is a visual journey through the places that contributed to Julia’s remarkable life.


Sunday reading

Do You Really Know Your Trip Planner? (TripORama) Great question. Some people are born travel planners, others end up there by default.

Our Packing list for a Round-the-World Trip (Wild Junket) I pore over packing lists with the same enthusiasm that others do the Sunday crossword. Here are Nellie and Roberto’s individual lists for their upcoming RTW.

Six common photography mistakes — and how to avoid them (Lonely Planet) More great travel photography tips from LP. Eventually, all of us will simply take good pictures and no one will need to Instagram anything.

Sunday reading: half-birthday edition

Tomorrow marks the blog’s six-month anniversary and I am very thankful for the support I’ve received since January. I honestly didn’t know whether anyone would read my writing, or whether travel blogging would hold my interest, but I am still 100% focused on writing, shooting, and coming up with more and more things to write about. Going into the next six months, all I can do is promise to keep working hard to post interesting, relevant content and earn your continued support. Thank you!

5 tips for taking great food photos (CNNGo) As someone who frequently takes pictures of food, this article was a great refresher. The timing couldn’t have been better, too, for I’ll be blogging from Taste of Nova Scotia’s Food Fare By the Sea as part of Tall Ships 2012.

5 ways we’re saving $20 000 for our trip! (Passport and a Toothbrush) Since this post, Matt and Caro have left on their round-the-world adventure, but they share a lot of great tips for saving money for travel or whatever life priority you have in mind.
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