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Sunday reading

Fresh-squeezed orange juice, an essential treat along the Tizi n'Tichka mountain pass, Morocco
Fresh-squeezed orange juice, an essential treat along the Tizi n'Tichka mountain pass, Morocco.

10 ways to experience a city like a local (Hostelbookers) Easy tips for better travel experiences.

Free Amsterdam mini-guide – PDF link (Lonely Planet Magazine) Since most of my guest posters have strongly recommended Amsterdam, this mini-guide from LP is a great way to start planning.

Itineraries with a Purpose: Photographing Food Markets Around the World (Meet Plan Go) I am obsessed with photographing food stands, stalls, markets, trees, you name it. This article has my name written all over it.

What not to wear – traveling edition (4theworldblog) A great round-up of clothing considerations for different corners of the world

Bare minimum packing (SoloTraveler) Live it, love it, do it. I’ve got a packing list for a one-week trip coming up that is hugely inspired by this post.

Macaron love (LandLopers) Soon, my precioussssss.

Photography tips: view life in vertical (Wanderlust)

Guest post: Travels from A to Z by Halifax ReTales

Today’s guest post is from a new Twitter friend, Arthur of Halifax ReTales. He runs a very active blog and Twitter feed chronicling activity in the Halifax retail and restaurant scene.  We talk about food a lot. A LOT.

A: Age you went on your first trip.

When I was mere weeks old living in Montreal, my folks took me to the touristy town of Lake George, NY. The first I recall is going back to Montreal to visit family.

B: Best (foreign) beer you’ve had and where.

Tennants Ice Cold in Scotland, it really isn’t a great beer it is the standard draught in pubs around Scotland but I have never had a bad time while consuming it. [Krista: That is a totally appropriate criterion for beer greatness.] 

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Guest Post: My travels from A to Z by Janet

Join me in welcoming my friend Janet on her inaugural post for Bite-sized Travel – she is both my 50-dirham friend and movie blogger over at Popcorn Dinner. As one of my oldest friends, I’ve heard bits and pieces of her fun adventures over the years, so I’m thrilled she’s willing to share them again. If you’re interested in sharing your own travels from A to Z, send me the details at bitesizedtravel@gmail.com.

A: Age you went on your first trip.

I think the first “trip” where I remember having adventures and seeing new places and doing fun things was a family vacation to PEI the summer I was 10. We visited Green Gables, saw Anne of Green Gables the musical in Charlottetown, Woodleigh Replicas (mini British castles), and a water park (I don’t remember which one – there are many). It was a big deal at the time. [Krista: For folks not from Atlantic Canada, this is a classic summer vacation.]

B: Best (foreign) beer you’ve had and where.

I don’t know if it’s an example of the “best” foreign beer, but it’s the most memorable… the year I lived in Reading, England we would go to the our “local”, the Newt & Cucumber, for “snakebites” – a pint with a splash of black current cordial. I didn’t drink beer before living in the UK (when I was 23ish) and have snakebites to thank for my current palate for all things ale. So good!

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