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Friday photos: A classic Canadian cottage evening

I’ve been light on the blogging lately as I’m finishing some coursework. Luckily, #Frifotos gives me a great reason to pull some pictures from the archives and today, I get to show one of my favourites.

This week’s theme is “summer,” and nothing says summer in Canada like getting out the city and heading to a cottage. You see, Canadians are a friendly bunch, but everyone knows a friend with the cottage is the best friend of all. A few years back, we piled into a convoy of vehicles and headed to Nova Scotia’s Guysborough County, where we sat by the lake, opened some beer and wine, lit a fire and watched the day fade into night.

Nova Scotia Canada cottage fire lakeside

Friday photos: The Indian Ocean’s Waves in Durban

I live next to the Atlantic Ocean, so I’ve grown up with a healthy respect for the ocean, its beauty and power. When I was in Durban, I got to wade into the Indian Ocean. I say wade, but I really only made it to mid-thigh before a strong wave headed my way. I’ve never experienced any body of water with so much power, unpredictability and, frankly, I was scared of it.

Not this guy. Repeatedly charging into the waves, video camera in hand, attempting to catch himself doing something awesome. I’ll never know whether he got what he wanted, but he provided some great, heart-stopping entertainment in the process.

Durban Indian Ocean waves

Favourite photos: Cats rule at the Alhambra

Visiting the Alhambra in Granada is an essential stop when traveling through Andalucia. Buy your tickets in advance and give yourself lots of time to explore the entire site, from the Palacio Nazaries to the gardens of the Generalife, visiting the Alhambra is like stepping into a time machine and heading straight back to Moorish Spain, al-Andalus.

While wandering in the Jardines del Partal, the quiet gardens surrounding the less-visited Palacio del Partal, I noticed I was being followed. My pursuer was quite harmless, and quickly grew bored of me after stopping for a drink on a hot September day.

Granada Alhambra cats Jardines del Partal

Favourite photos: My best friend in Swaziland

I’ve already written about my hilarious and heartwarming visit to the Umphakatsi Cultural Experience while staying at the lovely Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. While we visited with the women and children at the village, everyone in my group was, effectively, “adopted” by one or two of the kids who took a shine to us. This little girl and I didn’t share enough of each other’s languages to even exchange names, but we spent the morning singing and dancing as if we had been friends for years.

When I got home and started working with the thousands of images I took while there, I couldn’t stop looking at my little friend’s eyes. After some digital experimentation, I got it to this the point, and it immediately became one of my favourite photos of the trip. Swaziland Mlilwane cultural village

Valentine’s Day Favourite Photos: Love locks in Paris

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

‘Tis the season for love and romance, and there is no place more romantic than Paris. If you can’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Paris, take a moment to enjoy the view from the Pont des Arts.

Paris Pont des Arts locks love

Whether you’re visiting with your amour or flying solo, take time to look closely at the locks on the bridge. They tell the love stories of couples from around the world. If you’re adding your own, be sure to look before you toss the key into the Seine. You don’t want to hit any boaters below!

Paris Pont des Arts Love locks