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Everything I ate in Montreal

Montreal, is a very, very fine food city, so (to borrow a phrase from one of my traveling companions) there is no need to waste a meal on a substandard chain restaurant, or somewhere that won’t surprise or delight. I’m happy to admit that a lot of my recent trip to Montreal was spent eating, or in recovery from eating, and I don’t regret a single minute of it. Eating well is living well and the living in Montreal is very good indeed.

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Brooklyn Pizza Showdown: Grimaldi’s vs. Juliana’s

If you love pizza, I mean really love pizza, you will want to become a warrior in the legendary pizza feud between Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s, located next door to each other under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood.

Pizza for brunch at Juliana's in Brooklyn. #pizza #travel #newyork

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Venice’s floating fruit and vegetable market

Touring local markets is a highlight of any visit to a new city, and finding the markets frequented by locals is a special delight. Venice has a tremendous local market, the Rialto, with its landmark bridge and early morning/late night bar scene. It’s a lovely one, to be sure, where I got to see the morning crowd shout about football and chop up fish over the day’s fresh offerings.

However, my best find was at the base of Ponte dei Pugni, the bridge of fists, where a little vegetable barge was tied up next to the bridge on a narrow canal in the Dorsoduro sestiere or neighbourhood. 

Venice canal boat barge vegetable stand

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Italy travel journal: Hiking through Cinque Terre’s grape harvest

If you enjoyed last week’s visit to the wine harvest in Tuscany, my wine adventures in Italy continue with my visit to the Cinque Terre. This part of the trip involves even more grapes and wine, with the added benefit of hiking straight uphill for many hours and kilometres. I joke because I love.

Hiking through the villages of the Cinque Terre has been something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years. While I am definitely a walker, I wouldn’t call myself a “hiker.” When I found the dreamy sounding Cinque Terre Coastal Walk through G Adventures, I knew right away I found what I was looking for. “What could be more lovely than a leisurely walk among brightly-coloured villages next to the Mediterranean?” Ha!

Manarola Cinque Terre hike hiking trails grapes

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