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Sunday reading

Getting Creative with Self-Photography (Solo Friendly) “Selfies” are the white whale of the solo traveler. Great tips for capturing the elusive photo of yourself doing something awesome, without getting your arm in the picture or shooting your nose at a weird angle. Alas, they are a necessary evil because: Pics or it didn’t happen.

How to Find a Good Baguette in Paris (David Lebovitz) A great baguette is a work of art. Here’s how to find it.

10 Ways to Be a Less Annoying Travel Companion (Independent Traveler) Sweet peaches, it’s probably easier to find a spouse than a travel partner. These tips are terrifically helpful.

How To Travel With Short Hair (Woman Seeks World) I don’t have short hair any more, but this post has great advice for those of you who do.

How Do You Know When a Place is Safe? (Twenty-something Travel) Good points to ponder since I’m planning on visiting a place with an iffy reputation.

25 Reasons Why Canada Rocks (Huffington Post Travel) Here’s another reason: I was out doing errands on Saturday and a number of streets were closed off for an epic street hockey tournament, while the local cricket league played on the Halifax Common. Canada!

Play On Street hockey Halifax Nova Scotia

Sunday reading

7 Tips for Saving Money While You Travel (Wanderlust and Lipstick) Some of my favourite money tips – including walking and public transportation.

How to budget for a big trip (Lonely Planet) Money tips for before and during your adventures

Five tips for traveling in Europe (LandLopers) Great points to keep in mind when planning your adventure in Europe, especially for managing expectations about accommodations!

First time in Paris? 8 activities not to miss (EuroCheapo) Paris expert and friend of the blog Theadora from People, Places and Bling puts together the definitive Paris guide for the first-time visitor.

Things to do on a long-haul flight for the easily bored (The Career Break Site) I have the attention span of a toddler, I’m keeping this list handy.

Seven smart safety tips for women travelers (Brighter Life by Journeywoman) More great tips for woman travelers.

Sunday reading

Twelve tips for women travelling alone (Broadside Blog) I discovered Caitlin’s blog this week through this excellent post for women traveling the world on their own. Great suggestions for keeping safe and having the time of your life.

Five tricks to turn business travel into personal travel (Landlopers) I don’t do much business travel any more, but these trips are handy for maximizing the fun potential of a work trip.

Canada: 10 amazing adventures (Lonely Planet) I haven’t done many of these, but #5, tidal bore rafting on the Shubenacadie River is crazy, wet, messy, muddy fun.

8 reasons to visit Detroit (no, really) (The Expeditioner) If you’re a fan of urban areas, or fancy yourself an amateur anthropologist, Detroit is a fascinating city to visit. I visited a couple of years ago and it’s a bit beyond description, you just need to see it.

How to open your own hostel: the ultimate guide (TripBase) I find North America really lacks the kind of budget hotel experience I’m used to finding in Europe. I’d love to bring something between that and a hostel to these shores… someday.

Finding local experiences around the world (Peter Greenberg on Huffington Post) Great tips for getting off the tourist trail and getting more out of your travels.

How to budget your road trip (Two Weeks to Travel) I’m doing a lot of road tripping this summer, great tips for getting organized, getting a budget in place, and hitting the road.

Sunday reading

Paris Bathroom Undercover: Free relief in the city’s ritziest hotels (EuroCheapo) Above free wifi and coffee, finding a bathroom is a top priority.

18 Months of Travel: My Most Practical Tips (Angie Away) So many great tips, particularly about traveling memorably and in comfort!

Barcelona’s Best Off The Beaten Track Neighbourhoods (GranTourismo) Great information to mix up your Barcelona accommodation options.

Overseas Bargaining for Dummies (Leave Your Daily Hell) Bargaining is so much fun, but can be daunting if you’re from a non-bargaining culture. These tips will help you conquer the markets and bargain like a boss.

The Beautiful Palau de la Musica Catalana – Barcelona (EarthXPlorer) The Palau is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures on our tour. This photo essay provides a great overview and brings back great memories.

How not to get locked up abroad (The Planet D) Practical tips for staying prison stay-free.