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Camino de Santiago planning: trains, planes and routes galore

Like I’ve said in earlier posts, I’m trying to contain my planning for my upcoming Camino de Santiago in September. Before stepping foot on the path, though, there’s a lot of planning that can go into such a trip.

For my brain, this is exactly the kind of thing it loves. Research, planning, analysis, spreadsheets. It’s completely why I do what I do in my non-travel life.

Getting from Halifax to Spain and back

Given the time I’ve already spent in the area, I have a pretty good handle on the geography of Spain and the options for getting in and out of the country. For our inbound journey, we know we want to start from Madrid. It’s a nice, central entry point, and there are easy connections to Leon. On paper, it looks to be the most efficient route into our Camino adventure. However, it’s always fun to see if there are other options.

Route brainstorming

In the past, I’ve done a lot of route brainstorming. I look at a map, find the major towns and cities between my destinations and start plugging options into airfare aggregators and national train system websites. That’s how I discovered you could take a combo ferry-rail trip between Dublin and London instead of flying (but that’s a whole other trip). Continue reading Camino de Santiago planning: trains, planes and routes galore

Camino de Santiago backpack fashion

I wholeheartedly accept the Camino de Santiago is not a fashion show. I’m counting on it and fully intend to disintegrate into full traveler-ragamuffin mode by Day 3 or so. After all, there’s a reason I don’t appear in any travel pictures from the end of my travels. Ragamuffin, that’s why.

That said, that doesn’t mean my backpack has to suffer. I’ve already picked up the patch of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims, and I’ll be putting it on my pack to denote both my peregrina status and my Canadianness.

Canadian Company of Pilgrims Badge

But that’s not all…  Continue reading Camino de Santiago backpack fashion

Guest post: Holiday air travel with a baby by Imogen

Happy holidays, friends! Since I subscribe to the Amy Poehler school of traveling with children, I thought I should call in an expert to offer more appropriate advice for traveling with a baby during the busy holiday travel season. Luckily, my old friend Imogen has a baby and lots of good advice, please join me in welcoming her to Bite-sized Travel! 

The holidays have descended which means a lot cross-continent air travel is near. When I was a graduate student, this meant lugging a backpack full of Ontario wine through Security and returning with a backpack full of Nova Scotia pepperoni [Krista: we have a special kind here, people enjoy it]. Oh, how times have changed. Now, a trip Back East involves a baby, stroller, car seat, diaper bag, breast pump bag, frozen milk, the list goes on. So in the spirit of Christmas/Hanukkah/generic holiday Season, here’s a few travel tips to ease the burden of flying with a baby, especially if you’re doing it alone or for the first time.

Continue reading Guest post: Holiday air travel with a baby by Imogen

Pack a “seat-back survival pack” for your next long flight

We are knee-deep in the busy holiday travel season and there is no shortage of internet tips for packing and surviving long flights. In fact, I’ve already covered it with my recent 29-hour flight to South Africa. However, I left out one piece of information that is critical for long flights: a seat-back survival pack.

“What is this?” you may ask, “A Canadianism for ‘a handful of sleeping pills?'” Continue reading Pack a “seat-back survival pack” for your next long flight