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In September, I described a parade at Barcelona’s La Mercé on Twitter:

“Went to kick-off parade for Mercé festival last night. Featured dragons, giants, fire & some sort of large chicken.”

Àliga, the star of La Mercé

The chicken is Àliga, and is actually an eagle – the royal eagle of La Mercé. The hierarchy of Mercé-related aristocracy is both terribly confusing and entirely in Catalan. Being a citizen of a Commonwealth nation, I’ve learned to defer to a crown, and so, Àliga is royal enough for me.Aliga Barcelona La Merce

The night after the parade, at another parade, Àliga danced for the papier-mâché king and queen of La Mercé. It was very solemn, but it was also a papier-mâché bird with human legs, dancing to Catalan folk music in a densely-packed public square. In other words, rather magnificent.

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