Vintage travel: Expired passports of the rich and famous

I collect nothing, but I could really get into collecting passports of the rich and famous. As with everything else on the internet, there’s a subculture and a language and it’s endlessly interesting. Over the years, I’ve stumbled across a number of expired passports of famous people – entertainers, writers, statesmen and the like.

Historical interest aside, I really miss being able to smile in passport photos.

Marilyn Monroe

No fair, even her passport photo is stunning.
No fair, even her passport photo is stunning. Original source deleted

Albert Einstein

Renowned science enthusiast Albert Einstein was also known to do a bit of traveling. Behold, Einstein’s 1923 Swiss passport, when he was a rather dashing (dare I say smouldering?) 44-year old.

Albert Einstein vintage travel passport
Why, hello there, Einstein… Source: Various Things about Albert Einstein 

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly was a true dreamboat, and would easily pass for a modern day hipster.Unfortunately, Buddy couldn’t take his hipster good looks to several countries during the Cold War, including Hungary, so fiendish it gets all caps,  bold print, and boxed-in text.

Through this research, I’ve learned the value and prices of expired passports are something else. This passport sold for over USD$26,000 in an online auction in 2006. Amazing.

Johnny Cash

My parents really enjoyed Buddy Holly, so I gave them Cash, Johnny Cash. In passport form.

The Man in Black’s passport from 1968 to 1973. During this period, he did some pretty badass travel: Vietnam, the Philippines, and Denmark. This passport sold at auction for $22,000. Worth it.

Johnny Cash passport vintage travel
One seriously awesome dude. Original source deleted.

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