My friend Vijay frequently travels for work, so he gets to enjoy the benefits and foibles of standard work traveler hotels in the Northeastern United States. Recently, he stayed at the Hampton Inn in York, Pennsylvania and had a terrific experience to report back.

While getting ready for his day of very-technical meetings (in a line of business I don’t fully understand), a super-heated iron got its revenge on his pants, burning a hole clear through the fabric. Recognizing this as an occupational hazard for a road warrior, he left the pants behind, put on different ones, and set out for his day.

When he returned to his room, he was surprised to see a pair of pants laid out with this note:

Gold stars! A+! Trophies! Good tips!
Gold stars! A+! Trophies! Good tips!

As a long-time career person and frequent traveler, the importance of recognizing great work cannot be overstated. And so, if there’s ever a Bite-sized Hall of Fame for full-sized people,  you’re the first people going in it, Kylie and Maria of the York, PA Hampton Inn!

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