Les Festes de Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona

I planned my visit in Barcelona in September to coincide with La Mercé, the annual festival celebrating the patron saint of Barcelona. The second weekend in February, Barcelona gathers again to celebrate its other patron saint: Saint Eulàlia.

According to some hasty internet research, this shrine, located on Baixada de Santa Eulalia is noteworthy:

“Eulàlia was rolled in a barrel filled with—as the Jacint Verdaguer verse in ceramic tile on the wall reads—glavis i ganivets de dos talls (swords and double-edged knives), the final of the 13 tortures to which the 4th-century martyr was subjected before her crucifixion at Plaça del Pedró.”

Gruesome! Murdered in a barrel of knives!

Baixada de Santa Eulalia Barcelona
Shrine to Santa Eulàlia, Barri Gòtic

A quick glance at the schedule through Google translate reveals the festivities will contain a lot of the same elements and characters that were such a memorable part of my visit in September:

Gegantes (papier-mâché giants)
Tabaladas (parades)
Correfoc (fire run – exactly what it sounds like)
Castellers (human castle builders)
Fire beasts
Dancers dancing the Sardana

It goes without saying this will be a fun-filled event. Not optional if you’re anywhere near Barcelona.

Baixada de Santa Eulalia Barcelona
Going in for closer inspection, shrine to Santa Eulàlia, Barri Gòtic

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