My first NYC meal

My first trip to New York was during the summer. Here’s what they don’t tell you about traveling to NYC in the summer:

  • the heat is indescribable, coating you in a layer of sweat, grunge, and despair
  • a perpetual string of thunderstorms on the Eastern seaboard renders air travel, well, pointless
  • the crowds are intolerable, everyone from every other part of the world descends on the city

Needless to say, my first time getting to New York was a proper clusterbleep of flight mishaps and  and late arrivals. When I finally arrived, my only concern was food. Any style, any quantity.

We were in Midtown, with no shortage of dining options. We could have turned right and ended up in Times Square, but, as luck would have it, we turned left and found the Greek Corner, a couple of blocks from our hotel. Living in Halifax, where Greek diners are a classic dining experience, the Greek Corner was the comfort I was looking for after a harried day of travel. In what has since become a travel tradition for me, I had a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, and my first of many massive salads in NYC. It was at least 4 inches high and served as a  terrifying introduction to portion sizes that were to follow in in the city. America, no side salad needs to measure 4″ x 8″ x 5″. It just doesn’t.

Massive NYC breakfast
Diner breakfast, at 1pm, somewhere in Midtown Manhattan

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