Turn travel photos into comic books

While cruising through the App Store last week, I came across Kabaam, a simple app which lets you turn your photos into comic book-style panels complete with dialogue and action. It was available for free for a limited time, but is now $0.99. Figuring it would be good for a few hours of entertainment, I downloaded it and started playing.

comic panel travel photos
A night at the Guggenheim + default comment options = hilarity

I AM OBSESSED. Kabaam is beautiful in its simplicity. Pick images, add headers and dialogue balloons. Voilà! You can also add comic book-style action noises like “POW!” The funniest thing, however, is the comic book dialogue defaults which are offered – and can then be edited or customized. I can’t speak to the authenticity of the dialogue, but it’s hilarious to me, which is good enough.


It should go without saying that this app can be used for all kinds of photos beyond travel photos, but, oh, the fun I am having writing making storyboards and dreaming up internal monologue for the things I’ve seen and done.

comic panel travel photos

comic panel travel photos

comic panel travel photos

comic panel travel photos

comic panel travel photos

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