Beautiful buildings: Vancouver’s Marine Building

I love many things about Vancouver, but one of the greatest surprises was the stunning Art Deco(ish) masterpiece of the Marine Building at 355 Burrard St. I visited it every day of my trip, and always found something new and interesting to look at.

There is a lot of great information floating around on the internet about the history of the Marine Building. Here are the basics: opened in 1930, the top is described alternately as “cake-like” and “Mayan-ish,” and it is loaded to the gills with charming sea-creature imagery.

marine building vancouver
Ooh, shiny!

Be sure to walk around the entire perimeter of the building, then cut through the lobby to see even more Enchantment Under the Sea-themed decor. I’ll meet you there at sea-turtle-past-lobster!

The beauty of the Marine Building is its exquisite detail. I’m looking forward to returning to Vancouver for many reasons, and among them is the opportunity to see Merle,* my favourite octopus doorman at 355 Burrard. According to Wikipedia, there used to be an observation deck, but the 25-cent admission charge proved to be too much during the Depression and it closed.

*Merle is not this octopus’ real name. I’m not even sure he has a name. That said, doesn’t he look like a Merle?

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