Postcard: Marshy muskrat love

Today  I went out on another of Kentville’s great trails, the fairly new Miner’s Marsh Trail constructed by Ducks Unlimited. It’s very well maintained, pretty busy, and brimming with wildlife – waterfowl and water-fauna alike.

1.5 km of nature, right in the middle of town

It’s a nice, quiet walk, punctuated with woodpeckers at work and the occasional goose fight. The real treat, however, was catching a muskrat couple out on the hunt, then, enjoying a nice, quiet dinner.

A couple that fishes together
This little fish must have been good, because this guy tore it apart like no one's business.


    • It’s a great trail, there’s a lot of nice walking if you connect up with the rail trail. Kentville has done a lot of great work with their trails, be sure to check out the brochure with map.


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