Paris trip journal: a surprise Art Nouveau church in Montmartre

Arriving in Paris, the top priority was dumping the luggage and diving head-first into the city. Seeking croissant and café along Rue des Abbesses, I was distracted by a church with open doors. One of the famous Paris history shields outside of the gate provided enough information about its role in the community and interesting construction to lure me inside.

Histoire de Paris sign Montmartre

Saint Jean de Montmartre is very simple in structure, but rather marvelous in decoration. The concrete construction and modest colour scheme has a shock of lovely stained glass windows.

Inside the church Saint Jean de Montmartre Stained glass and mosaic Saint Jean de Montmartre
 Stained glass Saint Jean de Montmartre

Going in for a closer look reaps a greater reward: mosaics cover the exterior and many of the interior surfaces.

Mosaic Saint Jean de Montmartre Mosaic altar Saint Jean de Montmartre
Mosaic entryway Saint Jean de Montmartre

Outside of the church, like many churches, the parish’s war dead from the First World War are listed on a beautiful mosaic panel.

Mosaic church Saint Jean de Montmartre Mosaic panel Saint Jean de Montmartre

It’s a short visit, but well worth a stop.

Paroisse Saint Jean de Montmartre

19, rue des Abbesses (at Place des Abbesses)

Metro: Abbesses (Ligne 12), Pigalle (Ligne 2)



  1. I love, love Saint Jean!! You captured beautiful shots! It’s one of my favorite churches in the world. Its brickwork really pops.The café next to it is wonderful. Did you hear the bells? Where did you take your cafe? Did you pop by any of the shops on rue des Abbesses?! Theadora

    • We were staying nearby, so we hit Coquelicot or Grenier every morning. I didn’t hear the bells, which is kind of a bummer. I loved, loved, loved the neighbourhood. The Rotisserie du Roy on Rue Lepic is *insanely* good. Still dreaming about it.

    • Well, well, well! I’m impressed! You picked two award-winning bakers. (They’re also handsome!) Abbesses has everything. It’s like a little village, isn’t it? Plus, you’re near three Métro lines. The folks at the Rotisserie du Roy are very sweet. And the chickens and vegetables are tasty! Also, the Chicken Family joint on rue des Abbesses has also won my heart. I’m looking forward to reading more reports! T. (Again, gorgeous shots!)


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