New Paris vocabulary: poppy, un coquelicot

Immersing myself in a French language environment normally yields some new vocabulary or delightful phrases, and my recent trip to Paris was no exception.

I love poppies, they’re among my favourite flowers and one of the only reasons I want a garden. My first introduction to le coquelicot was at Coquelicot, a lovely bakery on Rue des Abbesses right around the corner from my hotel. Paintings of poppy-filled fields in the French countryside covered the walls and table tops, and and they serve a delicious croissant and café au lait.

Once I learned the word coquelicot, I couldn’t get away from it. Among the spring flowers of every colour on the Promenade Plantée:

Poppies and other flowers in bloom on the Promenade Plantée
Poppies and other flowers in bloom on the Promenade Plantée

I never expected to eat des coquelicots, but then I found them in tasty macaron form over at Gerard Mulot:

Fraise coquelicot macarons Strawberry Poppy macarons
They tasted more strawberry than poppy, but delightful nonetheless.

The experience was rounded out with this beautiful enamel poppy necklace found (and bought!) across the street from my hotel at Sof’kipeut in Montmartre:

Coquelicot poppy necklace
My new favourite thing: un collier avec les coquelicots

Back home in time for spring in Nova Scotia, it’s just a matter of weeks before I get to see even more coquelicots when the flowers start blooming in Halifax’s Public Gardens, my current garden. Happy spring!

24, rue des Abbesses
Metro: Abbesses

Promenade Plantée
Metro: Bastille

Gerard Mulot
6, rue de la Mule (in the Marais, plus other locations)

29, rue Véron
Metro: Blanche



  1. Beautiful necklace! And the promenade Plantee is one of my favorite parks, I had to visit it after watching Before Sunset.


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