Cordoba’s festival of patios and flowers

I loved visiting Spain in the autumn, with its cooler weather and smaller crowds. However, there’s a lot to be said for visiting in the spring, when Andalucia is in full-on celebration mode. In Cordoba, better known as the home of the amazing Mezquita, May 2-15, 2016 is the annual festival of patios.

In addition to being beautiful, the residents of Cordoba fill their courtyards and patios with plants and flowers for a very practical reason – to counter the hot, dry air of the region.

Cordoba Spain flowers flores courtyards patios

Cordoba Spain patios courtyards flowers

A city-wide competition pits neighbour against neighbour to see who can produce the most stunning, beautiful arrangement of gardens and courtyards full of bright flowers and plants. The small taste of the courtyards in “hibernation” in October was more than enough to convince me that a return visit to Spain in the spring is definitely in order.

Cordoba Spain patios courtyards flowers flores

Cordoba Spain flowers patios flores courtyards

Do. Not. Miss. Cordoba’s festival of patios.



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