Summer 2012: Operation “Hometown Traveler”

An early kick-off to summer in Halifax at OpenCity on May 16-17 gave me lots to think about. Mostly, about how I’m going to spend the summer here at home in Nova Scotia before my next travel adventure in the fall.

The short version: I am going to spend summer 2012 traveling in my hometown and home province like I do when I’m traveling “away.”

The long version: I need help. My travel will be limited. Limited time-wise to weekends and limited financially by having to rent cars. It’ll mostly be daytrips for the same reason.

However, I’m going to do my best to show Nova Scotians and visitors alike there is a lot to do, see, and eat here. I’ll be using published travel guides and information from tourism promotion organizations, sourcing through social media, rooting out fun, unique things to see and do.

This is also an open call for guest posters! If you live in a corner of Nova Scotia that simply must be seen, email me and we can talk about your idea.

It’s going to be a great summer, Nova Scotia, I’m making the most of it!



  1. I have the very same goal! I can’t afford to go away this summer, so I plan on experiencing more of NS this summer. I have not seen enough of this province considering I’ve leaved here for 26 years. Maybe I’ll try and write some guest posts!

  2. I was born in Claire (Acadian region between Digby and Yarmouth) and most of my family still lives there so I’ll likely be visiting this summer. If/when I do I’ll write up a guest post – it will likely be about all the Frenchie finds you can score, and perhaps some Acadian food.

  3. We tried excellent food from a new microbrewery out in Guysborough. It is a corner we’re hoping to check out this summer.

    • My friend has a cottage there that I’ve visited, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Do you want to guest post about it? Low commitment, just a few words, pics, and location details.

    • THIS is an idea with potential. The internet is coming up short on pre-organized tours. One day, 3-5 stops? Everyone chip in for vehicle rental and gas?

    • I’m doing a wine tour with a group the first weekend in June; Boyfriend booked it through a new company called Grape Escapes. Takes care of the DD issue for you! It seems great – I will let you know how it goes! There are so many wineries, I’m even thinking I’d do another one later in the summer.


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