Paris trip journal: a miscellany of Paris prettiness

Give me credit, I got almost month’s worth of blog posts out of a five-day trip. Since I’ve covered most of the highlights, and since the clock is ticking down to a long weekend in Canada, I’m going to keep it short today with a round-up of my favourite images from Paris that don’t necessarily have stories attached.

Paris beefsteak tomatoes
I never wanted to eat a tomato like an apple until I saw these.

Paris Marche aux fleurs velib

Paris street fashion Hermes

Paris Montmartre Moulin Rouge

Paris flower stand roses

Paris Galeries Lafayette cupola

Mosquee de Paris

Paris love locks Pont des arts

Paris Musee des arts decoratifs Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs

Paris Angelina desserts

Paris bird market marche aux oiseaux

Paris Place des Vosges
An old-timey film shooting in Place des Vosges. If you ever see it, let me know.

Have a great weekend, whether you’re celebrating Victoria Day, the May 2-4, or any other celebration that serves as the informal kick-off of summer.



    • Thanks! The film was intriguing, since there weren’t any notification posters (like they do in NYC) or anything remotely informative. It could have been a tv movie or something from Russia for all I know!


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