Picture perfect Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Earlier this week, I talked about my day of hometown adventure in Lunenburg (Hometown travel: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia), but that post didn’t tell the whole story. Lunenburg is a picture-perfect town, with an interesting image to be found on every corner and in every nook or cranny. These photos don’t have particular stories attached to them, but I hope this “post of postcards” shows the town’s charm and loveliness.

Rum Row Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Lobsters Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Red building Lunenburg Nova Scotia

UNESCO Fresco Lunenburg Nova Scotia

General store Lunenburg Nova Scotia

The Makery Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Lunenburg County destinations Nova Scotia

Montague Street signs Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Fishermans Memorial Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Window sheep Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Anchor doorknocker Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Laundry Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Dory Shop Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Adams & Knickle Building Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Lunenburg Waterfront Nova Scotia

Spire Lunenburg Academy Nova Scotia



  1. I’m visiting my Dad right now in Ontario…and sleeping in the Lunenberg room, filled with his huge paintings of when he lived there in the mid 1980s. It is a gorgeous place and well worth a visit!

  2. I adore Lunenburg. My mother has a summer home quite close to Lunenburg so we visit it often. My kids love the fisheries museum and I love the fishcakes in a little restaurant that overlooks the ocean (I forget the name of it!). I’m feeling a little homesick after seeing these lovely photos…

    • Aw, thanks, I’m sorry to make you homesick! I think you may be talking about either the Old Fish Factory or the Grand Banker. My new favourite is Salt Shaker, but there are no shortage of great places to eat, it’s a foodie paradise!


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