Hometown travel: Truro discoveries – food, farmers market, and more Berlin Wall

I recently returned from an epic, four-day road trip to visit some friends in New Brunswick. My fellow roadtrippers and I were determined to maximize the road trip fun and squish in as much adventure as we could. The first leg of our trip took us to Truro, Nova Scotia.

Seafood surprise

Guest poster Janet picked us up at the bus stop and took us to Murphys Famous Fish & Chips for dinner. From the cozy, seaworthy decor to the friendly hometown service, we couldn’t be happier with our generous portion of fish and chips.

Truro Murphy's Fish and Chips Truro Murphy's Fish and Chips

I really can’t say enough about the friendliness of the service. Go see for yourself!

Cobequid Trail: Berlin Wall mission accomplished

Unfurl your “Mission Accomplished” banner! In about a month, I managed to find the three Berlin Wall sites in Nova Scotia. The Truro site was by far the most challenging. All I had to go on was a two-year old newspaper article I found online and an intrepid spirit.

Undeterred by possessing no real information about the location, we set out to find the section of the Cobequid Trail behind the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Bible Hill. If you fancy a lovely walk along the Salmon River, the trail is wide and well-maintained. Before finding the wall sections, we enjoyed a short detour through the whimsically-named Butterfly Meadow. We didn’t see any butterflies, but I love the idea of going back at a more butterfly-friendly time to find them.

Butterfly Meadow Truro Cobequid Trail NSAC

Over hill and dale, and tucked away behind some barns, we found six sections of Berlin Wall, in the process of getting a new interpretative setting. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’re pretty easy to miss. Still, it was one of the few things I set out to do this summer, and unless some more sections pop up that I’m not currently aware of, I’m marking this one “DONE!”

Truro Nova Scotia Berlin Wall NSAC Cobequid Trail

Truro Farmers Market

Early Saturday morning, we set out for the old fire hall and the  Truro Farmers Market. Desperately in need of coffee, I found a very, very excellent cup of coffee in the corner of the Farmers Market. Seriously, if you’re in Truro on Saturday and need coffee, go there. I didn’t see a card, so I have no idea what the booth is called, but the woman who was serving was really friendly and happy to talk about her terrific coffee.

Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

The market is a delight. The vendors are friendly and varied, and run the gamut of fresh produce, tasty baked goods, artisanal chocolate treats, and handmade goodies.

Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

For breakfast, I picked up an amazing breakfast treat called a Scotcheroo which featured organic grains and a healthy dose of energizing breakfast chocolate.

Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

For fans of local and handmade, Amanda Bent Designs will amuse and delight. She makes makes incredibly fun and clever greeting cards for any occasion, as well as a saucier line for saucier occasions. I can see her cards fitting in perfectly at some of my favourite local stores, like Dots & Loops in Lunenburg and Inkwell in Halifax. I hope they take these inelegantly-dropped hints.

Amanda Bent Designs Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

What’s a road trip without snacks? Luckily, we found Appleton Chocolates. After a couple of samples, I picked up a delicious chocolate-lime-jalapeno combo.  They have loads of fun shapes, including frogs, turtles, and this friendly dragon.

Appleton Chocolates Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

It’s still early in our vegetable harvest season in Nova Scotia, so I was surprised by the sheer volume of different berries, fruit and vegetables that were already available. Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

We ran into some friends (as you do in Nova Scotia), so I didn’t really have a chance to get to all of the tables, but I’m quite happy to make a return trip to the Truro Farmers Market. I’m hoping for a Wednesday meeting so I can go there for lunch. Fingers crossed!

Truro Farmers Market Nova Scotia

Try out Truro for yourself

Murphy’s Fish & Chips, 88 Esplanade
Cobequid Trail Network, different locations around Colchester County
Truro Farmers Market, Old Fire Hall, corner of Prince and Young Streets, Wednesdays 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Saturdays 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Amanda Bent Designs Truro, NS
Appleton Chocolates, Wentworth, NS



  1. I was a bit confused first as I thought this was about Truro in Cornwall, not Truro in Nova Scotia. Either way, hometown travel and adventures are always fun! I love exploring my hometown in the UK when I’m back there.

    Also, I really want to have a Scotcheroo whilst chilling out in Butterfly Meadow. How blissful does that sound??

    • That sounds delightful, to be sure! It’s funny, when I was looking for links, I found piles for Truro in Cornwall. Turns out they have a pretty great farmers market, too!


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