Favourite photos: The gun-toting trabucaires of La Mercè in Barcelona

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Barcelona’s feste major, La Mercè, is a riotous week celebrating Catalunyan culture in September. I had the good luck and good planning to visit Barcelona during La Mercè in 2011. After the many parades, speeches, light shows, gegantes, the peace of a weekend morning was shattered by gunfire.

Nothing sinister was going on, it was the wake-up call of the trabucaires, troupes of costumed gunmen and women, representing the Catalunyan forces who fought wars against invading countries. Their blunderbuss-style weapons and clouds of gunpowder are another of the many fascinating and fun traditions celebrated during La Mercè.

On a related note, if you’re to Barcelona to celebrate La Mercè, take earplugs for the trabucaires!

Barcelona La Mercè trabucaires

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