A life-long resident of Nova Scotia, I am well-acquainted with the pleasure of spending the afternoon on a boat, breathing in the salty air and laughing at those on shore. Unfortunately for me, and those who troll the seas with me, I am an utter fog magnet.

My recent trip aboard the Tall Ship Silva is no exception. After more than a week of hot, sunny weather, which we talked about nonstop since it is unprecedented for July in Nova Scotia, I arrived on the Halifax Waterfront to find the air was breezy and hazy, and there was a big honking fog bank sitting right offshore. Directly in front of us.

No matter. It was a lovely day for a sail, with bright sun, a nice breeze, colourful flags, and your traditional Nova Scotia fog bank.

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Tall Ship Silva Halifax Harbour fog

The opinion presented within this post is my own, and I would like to thank the Tall Ship Silva for inviting me on board and providing a complimentary pass for their 10th anniversary sail. Any time I receive a discount or complimentary service in my capacity as a travel blogger, I disclose it.