Tall Ships 2012, Day 3 Georges Island concert and fireworks

BST Tall Ships 2012

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Whew, this is turning into a marathon. After two full days of non-stop adventure, Saturday was all about going back to the The Island. Georges Island.

This warranted a short sea crossing – like 5 minutes short – and a day of very precise rules of what we could carry in our packs. With our sealed 1.5L bottles of water and enough sunscreen for the Canadian Forces’ summer holiday, me and my band of party pirates set off to see Georges Island.

Halifax nova scotia Tall Ships 2012 Georges Island

Most of today’s adventures were centred around a sold-out concert by Hey Rosetta! on Georges Island in the middle of Halifax Harbour. Uninhabited and closed to the public, the Georges Island Party was an opportunity for many people to step foot on the island for the first time. As I’ve pointed out before, the trip is worth it for the view alone.

Tall Ships 2012 Georges Island

The show was great, but one of the supporting acts deserves an award of merit. During Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers’ set, the power went out temporarily. Undeterred, they bellowed the rest of the song and the crowd joined in. It was five minutes of pure concert joy.

Tall Ships 2012 ben caplan halifax nova scotia//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

We nipped out a few minutes before the end of the show to grab a boat back to the mainland. In doing so, we managed to avoid this line.

Tall Ships 2012 Georges Island concert halifax nova scotia

Hungry after a hot, sunny afternoon on the island, we headed directly for the Taste of Nova Scotia Food Fare by the Sea. In addition to having a great dinner, we got a terrific lesson in how to properly crack a lobster. Living in Nova Scotia, where the lobster swim up to your doorstep and hop into the pot (not really), this is a skill that will render you essential at parties.

Tall Ships 2012 halifax taste of nova scotia

We walked off dinner with a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, scouting out a good spot for the nightly fireworks.

halifax nova scotia waterfront fireworks Tall Ships 2012

The evening ended with a bang – literally and on many levels – when we hit the waterfront to catch the big, loud finale of the Tall Ships Orchestra, presented by CBC. The last piece was Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, with Parks Canada War of 1812 reenactors firing cannons, while church bells rang across the city and horns blared in the harbour. This blended seamlessly into fireworks. (The video is not quite as seamless, there’s a dizzying pan around 1:10)

Finally, a spectacular show to round out a spectacular day.

Tall Ships 2012 halifax nova scotia waterfront fireworks

The opinion presented within this post is my own, and I would like to thank the Waterfront Development Corporation Limited  for inviting me to participate in Tall Ships 2012 and providing a media pass for the event. Any time I receive a discount or complimentary service in my capacity as a travel blogger, I disclose it. 

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