Tall Ships 2012, Day 5, Parade of Sail

BST Tall Ships 2012

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What’s a party without a parade? Great question, and one that I was happy to answer on Day 5 of Tall Ships 2012.

Tall Ships events end with a grand sail-past better known as the Parade of Sail, which is often one of a few chances to see the ships with their sails on full display. I was lucky enough to have a front-row seat for the occasion thanks to the organizers of this year’s festival. Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough: get a friend with a boat.

The parade started with our favourite tugboat, Theodore Tugboat, who led the ships around the Big Harbour and out to sea.

halifax harbour nova scotia parade of sail theodore tugboat Tall Ships 2012

Without further adieu, the 2012 Parade of Sail:

peacemaker parade of sail halifax harbour nova scotia Tall Ships 2012

parade of sail halifax harbour nova scotia Tall Ships 2012

We changed position and ended up right in front of Georges Island, where we got a great view of the gun emplacements I saw from the other side the previous day.

Tall Ships 2012 Georges Island

The US Coast Guard Eagle provided some drama with sailors hanging off of the nets.

Tall Ships 2012
Tall Ships 2012

Tall Ships 2012

Tall Ships 2012

Tall Ships 2012

Tall Ships 2012

Tall Ships 2012

A bit of race broke out, and the Pride of Baltimore overtook the Larinda.

Tall Ships 2012

Finally, the Roseway brought up the rear and we bade farewell to the Tall Ships for another year.

Tall Ships 2012

Tall Ships 2012

One fun semi-related thing happened during our cruise: a seal popped his head up to look around and check things out. Did a literal boatload of photographers, journalists, and bloggers capture an image of this? They did not. We did, however, take pictures of each other.

Tall Ships 2012

The opinion presented within this post is my own, and I would like to thank the Waterfront Development Corporation Limited  for inviting me to participate in Tall Ships 2012 and providing a media pass for the event. Any time I receive a discount or complimentary service in my capacity as a travel blogger, I disclose it. 

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures. I watched the Parade of Sail from the pier on the Darrtmouth waterfront. Great viewing. Some years ago I sailed on the Bounty from Lunenburg to Fall River, Mass. My cousin, Hugh Boyd, was the captain then. A memorable experience.

  2. They really look impressive when they are in full sail like this. We didn’t get to see much of the tall ships (mostly just the taste of NS food area on the first day). Thanks for the recap, I feel a little more like I was there.

    • Thanks, I was hoping to give the feeling of being there, even if you couldn’t be there! I spent a lot of time in the Taste area, too, it was too good not to!


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