New Brunswick road trip fun: Sweet Saint Martins

Much earlier this summer, I went on a road trip with my friend Janet (of Popcorn Dinner) and another friend ours who is blogless. The weather, shall we say, was not good. Undeterred, we still took the scenic route along the Bay of Fundy, and despite the relentless rain, made a very sweet discovery in the coastal community of Saint Martins on the way to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Seaside Saint Martins

Saint Martins has an historic connection to the sea, which greets you on your way into the village – a ship’s figurehead in front of a community building.

Saint Martins figurehead

Being from Nova Scotia, I am very familiar with seaside fishing communities. Saint Martins has a charming inlet with plenty of fishing boats waiting out the weather.

Saint Martins New Brunswick fishing boats

Our quick drive through revealed some lovely older homes, with rather luxurious-looking B&Bs for those looking to stay in town a little longer.

Covered bridges & kissing bridges

Saint Martins is also home to two of New Brunswick’s many famous covered bridges. In face, covered bridges are such big business in NB that the tourism guide includes locations and directions of bridges in each community in the province’s regions. [Edit: Janet reminded me in the comments that the boat has the one of the funnier boat names we’ve seen: Last Chance II.]

Saint Martins cove covered bridge

This particular style of bridge is called a “kissing bridge,” because you and your paramour can smooch in relative safety and privacy on the covered passageway. It’s also particularly helpful for hiding out in the rain, but I’m pretty sure Saint Martins residents just want you to smooch there.

Saint Martins New Brunswick covered bridge

Making friends: Mini horses

The real highlight for me was the stop I covered in an earlier post about our roadside stops: MINI HORSES! It was raining pretty heavily by the time we got to Minihorse Farm, but the owner invited us into the field to frolic among the horses and we weren’t going to let the opportunity pass us by.

Saint Martins mini horses

This particular fellow was very shy, but very sweet once he got used to you. He also has the crystal blue eyes of a teenage heartthrob.

Saint Martins New Brunswick mini horses

He’s almost small enough to keep in my second bedroom. If that isn’t a great idea for a sitcom, I don’t know what is.

Mini horse farm St Martins New Brunswick

Bottom line: rain isn’t ideal for a road trip. However, by looking for the silver lining in the rain clouds of the day, we had a lovely afternoon getting to know a corner of New Brunswick a little better.

See Saint Martins for yourself: 

Saint Martins, New Brunswick

Route 111 between Saint John and Sussex on the Bay of Fundy



  1. So pretty. So green, Krista! I love your top shot (and the green rain slicker and hat!). What a great road trip. The mini horses are adorable. Your three misty bottom shots would make great looking postcards. Thanks for the tour. Enjoy the weekend! T. (I forget to mention the kissing bridges. Funny tidbit!!)

    • Thanks! Now that everyone has a car, I’m not sure kissing bridges get the workout they used to, but are still great fun. I love mini horses, these ones were especially sweet. Bon weekend!

  2. This was a fun day, despite the raininess. In fact, it really added to the seaside ambiance. Those with an eye for detail will notice that the boat featured in photo #3 is named Last Chance II. Best boat name ever!


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