Favourite photos: I saw the President of Kenya – probably!

In my years of traveling, I’ve seen the occasional celebrity here and there. Without a doubt, the most random celebrity encounter I’ve ever had was in Fes, Morocco in 2010, when I probably saw the President of Kenya.

Our group had just arrived at Bab Bou Jeloud, the Blue Gate, when a small fleet of black towncars arrived, preceded by a couple of journalist-types with cameras. An important-looking couple got out of one of the towncars, waving to the small, but respectful, crowd who gathered to watch whatever was unfolding.

Naturally, our group stopped and waved at the man and his wife, hedging our bets it was someone important.

President Kenya Mwai Kibaki in Fes Fez Morocco

As far as I have been able to piece together through online news, the important person in question was Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, and his wife Lucy Muthoni Kibaki. Thanks, Internet!

My next most random celebrity encounter was Jeff Goldblum in New York. He kept staring at me like he recognized me. It was … odd.

Who’s the most random celebrity you’ve ever encountered? Have you encountered someone who later turned out to be famous elsewhere in the world? Fire away in the comments!




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