Sculpted by nature: Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks on the New Brunswick side of the Bay of Fundy was recently selected by International Business Times as one of the “10 Places In Canada Every Canadian Should See Before They Die,” which reminded me, “Hey! I was there this summer and forgot to write about it!”

Much like every destination on the Bay of Fundy, a successful visit to Hopewell Rocks requires planning ahead, checking the tide tables, and giving yourself enough time to get into the park, down to the water, and wander among the rocks before the tide comes in.

Again, to truly appreciate the incredible power of the Bay of Fundy, a visit at both high and low tides is recommended. Park admission tickets are valid for a 24-hour period, which provides enough time for visitors to see both.

The park is well-maintained, with hiking trails that are leisurely forest walks – with a couple of challenging spots. Wear sturdy footwear and most folks will be fine. There is also a shuttle service which ferries guests between the visitor centre and the stairs down to the ocean floor for those who would like to reserve their energy for the rocks.

The stars of the show are the “Flowerpot Rocks,” a string of tree-topped rocks along the park’s 2-kilometre beach, carved out and perpetually sculpted by the daily rise and fall of Fundy tides.

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Walking among the rocks gives you the best perspective. It is remarkable how the rocks change constantly, yet manage to stay upright.

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Going in for a closer inspection reveals a complex structure of rocks, clay, grass, seaweed, and who knows what else. Someone knows, just not me.

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Many of the rocks have nicknames, I’m pretty sure this is the one also known as “E.T. Rock:”

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Let us consider the evidence:ET

CASE CLOSED. Now, go watch E.T. the Extra Terrestrial because it is awesome.

When you go, be sure to leave lots of time to explore. We were rushed during our visit because the tide was approaching, but I did manage to find some time to some interesting nooks and crannies.

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Once you’ve finished exploring the tides and have fled the encroaching high tide, stop at the boot wash station, to get rich, caked-on mud off of your shoes before you continue your trek on higher ground.

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

See for yourself:
Hopewell Rocks: Located on the Bay of Fundy, along New Brunswick’s Fundy Coastal Drive on Route 114. We approached from Sussex, driving through Fundy National Park, which is highly, highly recommended. It’s gorgeous and we saw most of  a deer – it was hiding.



  1. Hey, I was there! We walked on the ocean floor and saw a bird rescue (not sure what happened to the bird, but the bird whisperer thought it was dehydrated). And that rock TOTALLY looks like E.T.!


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