Favourite photos: morning at Bab El-Khemis in Meknes, Morocco

A sunny October morning was ideal for seeing the sights of imperial Meknes in warm, clear light. Its glory days at the cultural and political centre of the country are long behind it, but Meknes is an architecture lover’s dream, the pace is slower and less intense than other parts of the country, and a glorious afternoon can be whiled away on a rooftop restaurant, sipping mint tea and watching the souks below.

A highlight was Bab El-Khemis, or “Thursday gate,” one of entries into the old city.

Meknes Morocco  Bab El-Khemis



    • It’s really a wonderful country with an incredibly diverse experiences. We covered everything: crowded cities, camels in the desert, the High Atlas mountains, a seaside retreat, goats in trees, you name it. I honestly believe it really does have something for everyone: history, architecture, great food, a burgeoning wine industry, friendly people, and much, much more.


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