Art at night: Nocturne, Halifax’s Nuit Blanche

I am very lucky to live in a city like Halifax that has a diverse, vibrant arts community, surrounded by a community that comes out in droves to support events that make our city a great place to live. Among my favourite of those events is our local nuit blanche, Nocturne, coming up this weekend on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

What is “nuit blanche?” It’s when art takes over a city for an evening (or, in some places all night). Special and one-off installations, gallery shows, performances, and just about anything else creative shows off the best and most creative minds in the city. In Halifax, Nocturne divides the city into different zones, each with an overwhelming number of interesting or unusual exhibitions. The key is to read up in advance, and then do your best to hit your favorites in six hours.

As we speak, my gang of art-friendly friends is being assembled to roam the city looking for unique experiences that delight, baffle, amuse and bewilder. As a near-perfect Nocturne attendee, my personal guarantee is a unique experience. No two years are alike, and everyone who goes has a wild collection of experiences to share with their friends. Check out the 2012 schedule to build your own evening of unique experiences.

Just take a gander at some of the experiences from last year’s Nocturne. We had a zombie roller skating party, African dance and drumming on the city transit ferry, an art gallery turned into a car wash of unusual experiences, and an open-air light installation of a bear over the parade square at the Halifax Citadel, a National Historic Site.

Nocturne 2011 zombie roller skating

Nocturne 2011 African dance Metro Transit ferry

Nocturne 2011 Happy Wash

Nocturne 2011 Halifax Citadel light installation

If you’re anywhere near us, dress warmly, grab some friends, and join us!



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