Favourite photos: Enjoying the Louvre. Eventually.

When I went to the Louvre, I did not create conditions for success. I had spent the day at Versailles, and arrived back in the city, exhausted, with a few hours to kill before it was wine o’clock (followed by sleep-like-the-dead o’clock). By the time I worked my way through the line and starting navigating the labyrinthine corridors, I knew I had made a terrible mistake. Luckily, the plan for the Louvre has a “greatest hits” listing for particularly uninspired visitors like myself.

In the end, the visit was totally worth it. As I leaving the Mona Lisa room, I could hear a group of loud, American-accented voices behind me. I swear on a stack of vintage Nancy Drew mysteries, the following quotation is 100% accurate.

“We should go see that Venus de Milo. I don’t know why, but it’s famous.”

That’s as good a reason as any. After I recovered from my exhaustion-induced giggle fit, I followed that group of Americans for another half-hour, enjoying every single minute of their running commentary. Their lack of pretension and simple enjoyment of the world’s finest and best-known works of art was enough to shake me out of sleepy funk. Thanks, ladies!

Venus de Milo at the Louvre



  1. Great shot, Krista! You got quite close. How did you fight your way through the Paparazzi? I’m impressed. Fun and funny quote! Swearing on a stack of vintage Nancy Drew mysteries, Venus is worth the trek, eh?! T.

    • She sure is! It was temporarily relocated when I visited (this was way back in 2009), so it was pretty difficult to find. I thought about building the post around my Mona Lisa paparazzi pic – it may happen in the future.

      This is why I’m glad I keep such detailed journals. I couldn’t remember if I had written it down or not, but I did!

    • Yes, do feature Mona Lisa! I’m looking forward to it. T. (In my collection, I have a funny “Winged Victory” paparazzi shot. So many digital cameras in the air! And yes, the Louvre is a great place to eavesdrop.)

  2. I laughed when I saw this title – I’ve got to say the Louvre is probably my least favorite museum. The first time I visited, was with my high school Europe Trip and it was after a full day sightseeing in NYC and 48 straight hours of no sleep. I hated it. 2nd time I took my Aunt to see it when she came to visit me when I was in Rouen on exchange – it was super crowded. The ticket line took forever and the room to see the Mona Lisa was so packed I didn’t even bother going in.

    If it had been up to me I wouldn’t have bothered going back, but my mom really wanted to see it, so when we were there a few weeks ago, we went on a Friday night. It was pretty quiet, and it was free for me as that night they were letting in people under 26 without tickets. This time it was a much nicer experience, the room where Mona was – wasn’t as crowded as I was used to, this time I even got up close. The rest of the wings we explored were dead, and my mom and I ended up down in the basement with remains of the old fortress to ourselves which was pretty cool. So I guess third time was the charm, I actually enjoyed myself at the Louvre.

    • I like the idea of going when it’s going to be deserted. It’s almost too overwhelming to contemplate going back! I think if I lived there, I would make more of an effort to see more of it. There’s so much more than the Mona Lisa!


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