Pop culture travel: Vanessa’s pop culture travels, Part 1

Krista: As we continue to explore pop culture travel throughout February, returning guest poster Vanessa really stepped up and knocked it out of the park. She sent me a lot of incredible adventures and pictures. Today, we get to see what she’s seen in the United States, then on Monday, we hop across the pond to Europe.

Join me in welcoming Vanessa back to Bite-sized Travel! 

San Francisco, CA & Full House

I’ve driven across Golden Gate Bridge many times over my travels to Cotati, in Sonoma and every time I do, in my head I’m always singing the Full House Theme song. On my most recent trip, my best friend Kyle and I made a visit to The Painted Ladies, the beautiful set of colored houses featured in the credits of Full House, where the family is picnicking.

IMG_0630 (800x599)
IMG_1139 (800x599)

Los Angeles, CA, Jay Leno & Mario Lopez

On my trip to Cotati in 2011, Kyle, Kyle’s mom and I took a trip down from Northern Cali, to LA to see a taping of Jay Leno. It was a long day, but totally worth it, up at 4:30 am for a 5+ hour drive, and then stood/sat in line for the next four hours to make sure we had great seats. Jay Leno isn’t my favorite comedian, but I was really impressed by the taping, they’ve done it thousands of times, yet still make you feel like it’s special when your at the taping. I was happy that it was a taping for a Monday show, which meant Headlines, my favorite segment. His guests were Christina Aguliera, Paul Reiser and Allison Kraus & Union Station. Our taping was a little longer than normal because Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to be on the next day, but taped her segment in advance so we got to watch that too. It ended up being a pretty cool experience!

IMG_1204 (800x593)
Also, the next day we went to The Grove, a shopping complex that’s featured in a lot of entertainment news type shows and a celebrity hangout. While we were their Mario Lopez was filming for Extra. We stayed and watch him for a bit, I may have made a cameo in the background but I never saw the episode so it’s hard to say. I’m a huge Saved By the Bell fan, so it was pretty awesome to see A.C. Slater in person, and Mario seemed really charming and full of energy. [Krista: the last link is a video for your viewing pleasure.]
IMG_1231 (800x598)
IMG_1233 (800x599)

Boston, MA & Fever Pitch

This one isn’t exactly a pop culture pilgrimage, but I ended up having a tiny* role in pop culture because of it. While on a family road trip in New Hampshire, my dad noticed that the Red Sox were playing an at home game. He’s a huge Sox fan so when he saw they were playing another home game we decided to go see if they got tickets. It was the Labor Day weekend of the year they finally won the World Series, so the games were sold out and we ended up paying through the nose to see them, but it as a fun time. Steven King threw out the first pitch, and later on they announced that Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon were here filming for a movie, which turned out to be Fever Pitch. They also had a helicopter come around and do crowd shots, so technically I am a tiny speck in that movie.

New York, NY: Home Alone 2, Glee & Anthony Bourdain

Home Alone 2 was one of my favorite Christmas movies as a kid, and I was enchanted by the Plaza Hotel so of course on my Spring trip to NYC, we stopped by for a quick visit. We had good timing because Lea Michele was coming out of the hotel at that same moment to shoot the final scenes of the third season of Glee.

IMG_1218 (600x800)

IMG_1224 (800x723)

My parents and I are big Tony Bourdain fans and I love his book Kitchen Confidential, set largely around his time at Les Halles restaurant. When I realized it was close by our hotel, my mom, aunt and I decided to pay a visit and have dinner there. I wish I could say the restaurant lived up to my expectations, but the food was only average, the famed fries were the biggest disappointment. The restaurant did have a lovely atmosphere though and we had great seats for people watching so it was still a successful adventure.

IMG_1193 (800x592)

Are you a secret Full House fan? Did you sing along when crossing the Golden Gate Bridge? Share more of your pop culture travels in the comments!



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