Pop culture travels in Paris, Part 2

After easing in to Part 1 of my pop culture travels in Paris, let’s get right back into it!

Walking along the Seine with Adele

Walking along the Seine is a pretty romantic and iconic Paris experience. Then, Adele went and made it hers forever with the video for Someone Like You:

I’ve done the same walk a few times myself and it’s always lovely. Starting on Right Bank of the Seine, walk along the Tuileries, past Place de la Concorde, then cross over the river at the impossibly ornate Pont Alexandre III.

Paris Pont Alexandre III Eiffel Tower

I love this walk for a lot of reasons. It’s completely flat and there are endless beautiful things to look at: Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Orsay, not to mention the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Seine walk Eiffel TowerAt night, you can see the Tower sparkle off in the distance, and you can always see the charming barge boats of the Seine docked along the way.

Paris Seine walk barge boat

Moulin Rouge

Since I have stayed in Montmartre every time I’ve stayed in Paris, stopping by the famed Moulin Rouge on Boulevard de Clichy is more of a routine than a ritual. Any time of the day or night, the area is teeming with people posing for photos in front of the storied cabaret. While it’s an unmistakable part of Montmartre’s rockin’ past, today, it’s more the domain of tourists and hardcore Nicole Kidman/Ewan McGregor enthusiasts. Tickets without drinks start at the bargain basement price of 95€ and go up from there. Special event menus run from 200 € for Valentine’s Day up to 6oo € and beyond for New Year’s Eve. 

Paris Montmartre Moulin Rouge

Here’s the budget version of the Moulin Rouge experience: watch the movie, get your picture taken out in front, then hit the hills of Montmartre for a drink at any number of cafés and brasseries.

Down and Out in Paris and London

One of my favourite books is George Orwell’s memoir Down and Out in Paris and London, detailing Orwell’s time living in poverty in both cities during the 1920s. While he was scraping together a living scrubbing pots and whatever else would pay, he lived at 6 Rue du Pot de Fer, a tiny street off of Rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter. Today, the street is unremarkable, lined with tourist-friendly restaurants, near one of busiest market streets in town, but I went anyway on a rainy Saturday morning, to find Orwell’s old home and spend a minute trying to imagine how very different the street was back then.

Le Cafe de Deux Moulins

Finally, the stop that probably stoked my imagination long before I ever stepped foot in Paris, the Café de 2 Moulins from Amélie. The real thing is less fantastical than the film, hardcore fans will still find lots to enjoy.

Paris Montmartre Cafe du Deux Moulins

For example, I had this terrific charcuterie plate which distracted me from all of the pictures of Audrey Tautou around the place which are meant to distract from the fact the interior looks nothing like the movie.

Charcuterie Cafe du 2 Moulins Paris

Truthfully, I have a much longer post about traveling through Amélie’s Paris, but I promised it to my friend Janet over at Popcorn Dinner about six months ago, so you’ll have to hang tight while it continues to get written. I promise, it’ll be a fun one!

Stay tuned, I still have one more stop coming up on my pop culture tour of Paris. Have you been to any obscure or lesser-known pop culture stops in Paris? If so, tell us all about it in the comments!




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