Favourite photos: The sweetest dog in Seville

I loved every minute of my time in Seville. The hot, dry sun, the narrow passageways, friendly people and great food contributed to memories I still recall fondly every day.

Part of what made my time so sweet was the lovely family-run pensión* in the Santa Cruz area of the city, and the best part of pensión was Perro Gordo, the family’s husky who lived among the family and guests. While born in Spain, Perro Gordo was a husky and, every day, I marveled at his ability to tolerate 35C-40C temperatures. He was super sweet and whenever I was around, he would sit by my feet or, on a couple of occasions, be found sleeping outside of my door.

Most days, I would arrive back at the pensión for siesta, Perro Gordo would be sleeping in the doorway, finding whatever slight breeze would wind its way down the narrow corridor leading to the pensión.

Perro Gordo pension Seville Sevilla Spain

*For purely selfish reasons, I’m keeping the name to myself. It has a small number of rooms and I’m calling dibs whenever I return.




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