During my time in Spain, my time in the southern province of Andalucia was my favourite. It’s hot as all get-out, the people are friendly and boisterous, the architecture beautiful, the food and wine tasty and plentiful.

One of the best memories from that time is how it felt to blaze across the province in a train between cities. The hot, dry land and rows upon rows of orange trees and olive groves.

Andalucia by train

Before the trip, Doves, one of my favourite bands, released a best-of album which included a B-side called “Andalucía.” The song is in no way traditional, but I listened to it during my train trips between cities and there is something unforgettable about the pace of the song and the scenery shooting by at 150 km/h.

Do you have a song that immediately takes you back to a favourite place?