In a city full of stunning sights, one of my favourite visual elements in New York is the city’s ubiquitous water towers. In Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood, on top of a building on Jay St, is a water tower that outshines the rest.

Sculptor Tom Fruin‘s Watertower is a gorgeous site to behold. The colourful structure, sitting on top of 20 Jay St, brightens up the view of the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you have the time, try and check it out at different times of the day, and to see it dramatically lit at night.

Tom Fruin Water Tower DUMBO Brooklyn New York

Whatever you do, hurry. Watertower will only be in place until June 2013. If you can’t get to Brooklyn before June, check out the artist’s site, where there’s a set of images from the last 48 hours, showing Watertower at different times of the day and night, rain or shine.