A Social media summary of New York, April-May 2013

Traveling and sharing travel experiences through so many channels can mean a lot gets missed if you don’t follow a blog, or a Twitter feed, or you’re not Facebook friends with someone. I’ve seen Storify used for lots of crowdsourced reporting, but I used it for a social media scrapbook from my two recent trips to New York. Originally posted on  Fri, May 24 2013 16:34:40

New York, New York April-May 2013

Two, TWO trips to NYC in the past month: food, Edvard Munch, theatre, Saturday Night Live, more food, more theatre.

New York, it’s been far too long…

Friday, April 12: Scream for The Scream

Rainy day detour to the Museum of Modern Art to see Edvard Munch’s The Scream before the show closes.

Saturday, April 13: Cherry blossoms & Tom Hanks

The saddest dog in New York, Brooklyn Botanic Garden for cherry blossoms and Tom Hanks in Lucky Guy.


Sunday, April 14: Book of Mormon

We were way, way excited for seeing Book of Mormon for the first time. WORTH IT.

It was this guy’s Broadway debut and I was super-excited for him.

Poor Sean Lennon. He was brought in after the theatre was dark and retrieved before they came up at intermission. I cannot even imagine having to live like that. Seemed like a pretty chill dude, despite the life in the spotlight.

Monday, April 15: a walk in Central Park and food trucks

Tuesday, April 16: A way-too-early start and departure

To sum up a lot of adventure, the highlights were shared on bitesizedtravel.ca and the New York City Food Truck Association

Wednesday, April 24: What the what!? Tickets to Saturday Night Live!

A plan was afoot to fill our non-SNL time in New York. It required intervention by the fates and saints. Being far too superstitious to refer to it by name, it was called Plan A.

Friday, May 3: a whirlwind return!

In a New  York minute…

Fingers crossed: taking a chance on Plan A, the Book of Mormon ticket lottery

Saturday, May 4:Union Square Greenmarket, Pizza Tour, Coney Island and Saturday Night Live!

Coney Island’s famous Wonder Wheel

Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!

On our way back to the hotel, we saw Bradley Cooper *again*

Sunday, May 5: Food truck and Cinco de Mayo

bright and sunny! Big agenda for the day – the NYC Food Truck Association food truck rally at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, a Cinco de Mayo parade on the Upper West Side, and racing across town to fly home.

This happened after Mel spotted Star Jones and Krista spotted Mitch McConnell at Laguardia.

The aftermath:


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