Friday photos: NYPD, the stars of Times Square, New York

After quite a few trips to New York, Times Square is one of those places I try to avoid, the noise and tourist crowds are just not for me. However, on one of my recent trips, I saw quite a bit of theatre (including my lucky win at the Book of Mormon ticket lottery) and found myself crossing through the area a number of times.

While you’re there, be sure to take a minute to check out one of the best shows in the area: the crowd around any NYPD officer. I’ve travelled a fair amount, and I think NYPD has friendliest police officers on Earth. They do their jobs while posing for photos and giving directions, and, honestly, it surprised me when I started visiting the city – in the best possible way

And when there are police on horseback? Fuhgeddaboudit. Stop, chat with the officers, pet the horses, and feel free to ask  questions. You’ll just have to cut through a crowd of admirers and well-wishers to do so.
Times Square New York NYPD police horses



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