Montreal: Cronettos, cronettos and Beyoncé

Another attempt at ing an adventure! This time, my friends and I took to Montreal:
  1. I’m planning to Storify my trip to Montreal with @Miss_Close, so I hope you like pictures of delicious, life-changing pastries.
  2. The night before our arrival, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal were hit with fierce storms, cancelling everything flying in and out of the cities. I had my doubts
  3. Despite all of the weather and ensuing chaos, @aircanada got us to Montreal with only a minor delay. Cheers to the flight and ground crews!
  4. Hurtling towards the city on the 747 bus. Montreal, I am in you. #swoon #MTLMOMENTS
  5. Our first major endeavour was to eat at one of the toughest-to-acquire tables in town, Joe Beef in the Little Burgundy neigbourhood of the Sud-Ouest part of the city. (2491, Rue Notre-Dame Ouest). It was memorable and will be blogged about in far more detail.
  6. @halifaxscb @Miss_Close OpenTable – book as soon as you have travel dates!
  7. The menu at Joe Beef is insane.
  8. The menu at @joebeef is no joke. Requires study and a cold beverage. #MTLMOMENTS
  9. Sweet Mormon Jesus.
  10. The famous @joebeef Caesar with an oyster and a shrimp.
  11. After surviving our meaty meal at Joe Beef, we arose ready to face the new day.
  12. A beautiful sunny day in Montreal! The humidity has broken, so we’re planning an outdoor day, gardens, food trucks and beer!
  13. When in town, be sure to pick up the tourist map.
  14. Thank you, @Montreal, for the easiest tourist map I’ve ever encountered!
  15. First stop, Mont-Royal to take in the famous view and a bit of the scenery.
  16. Helloooo Montreal 🙂
  17. Under the Mont-Royal cross on a perfectly sunny day in Montreal. #MTLMOMENTS
  18. There was, however, one small problem:
  19. We made our first attempt to buy cronettos, the Montreal version of the croissant-doughnut hybrid sweeping the nation at La Cornetteria (6528, Blvd St-Laurent) in Petite Italie. Failing at that task, we found a second home at Vices et Versa, right across the street (6631, Blvd St-Laurent)
  20. Dear @lacornetteria, I’m coming to visit today, save me a #cronetto?? (Pretty please) #MTLMOMENTS
  21. Well, I missed out on the #cronetto at @lecornetteria today, but I successfully drowned my sorrows at Vice et Versa. #MTLMOMENTS
  22. Without solid plans for the evening, we took the Métro down to Place des Arts to check out Juste Pour Rire/Just for Laughs and to check out the 40 food trucks on site. We loved what we found at #BouffonsMontreal.
  23. We have died and gone to foodtruck heaven. #MTLMOMENTS
  24. There are so many food trucks at Just for Laughs’ #bouffonsmontreal, I’ve lost count. #goodthings
  25. @krisp131 I can provide you with a picture of the lobster roll I just ate! #foodtruckheaven #justforlaughs
  26. #makinggoodchoices with @Miss_Close at Just for Laughs/Juste pour rire
  27. In the midst of this food truck madness, a drag show. Naturally.
  28. The queens are getting themselves ready #MTLMOMENTS
  29. Only in Canada do drag queens do Shania Twain #MTLMOMENTS
  30. A seats for food truck-area drag show. (This is a real thing, ask @Miss_Close)
  31. This little girl isn’t too sure about this drag show. #hilarious #MTLMOMENTS
  32. This should probably be entitled, “Spice up your life, mes chiennes!”
  33. That was only the opening act. Later on, we found ourselves at a burlesque show featuring the French acrobatic troupe Five Foot Fingers, in a saucy stage show entitled “Where are my socks?” [Links NSFWish]
  34. In the interest of Montreal fun research, we went to a JFL show last night that had mature themes in the form of naked male French acrobats.
  35. To have an authentic, proper Montreal food experience, we did a comparison bagel study of Fairmount Bagel (74, Av Fairmount Ouest) and St-Viateur Bagel (263, Rue Saint Viateur Ouest). Very important bagel research.
  36. BAGELS!!!!
  37. After failing to summit on our first attempt, we hopped on the #55 bus and began what became a series of missed stops looking for La Cornetteria on St-Laurent. Finally, success.
  38. We are finally seeing what all the cronut fuss is about. #MTLMOMENTS
  39. And the verdict:
  41. @lacornetteria That was SO good. I will dream about the cronetto and will be back tomorrow. @krisp131
  42. We found cronuts in Mtl and achieved world peace! RT @Miss_Close: THE CRONUT IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH. #ThatsWhatSheSaid
  43. Fuelled by sugar, we met up with our friends and headed down to Centre Bell for the Beyoncé concert:
  44. Luke James is the opening act. #who? @krisp131 scored us some awesome seats for Beyonce!
  45. I’m not inclined to brag, but I got us (@Miss_Close & @k2rodger) some sweet Beyonce seats.
  46. Our seats really were magnificent, and gave us a perfect perspective on a real life Beyoncemeregencée:
  47. Beyonce puts on one heck of a show, and we got to witness an emergency Beyoncectomy when her hair got caught in a light. #MTLMOMENTS
  48. @laurenoostveen During Halo, she came down off of the stage and her hair got caught in a light. Bodyguards swarmed her & the camera cut away
  49. Back from Montreal! Our terrific seats for Beyoncé got us this view of The Great Montreal Fan-Hair Incident.
  50. Needless to say, Beyoncé is 100% professional and carried on like the star she is.
  51. @krisp131 Like a boss.…
  52. We got off to a rough start the next day, but soldiered on. Right back to Petite Italie for more cronettos. Once again, grabbed the #55 bus and, once again, overshot the stop.
  53. My body is in shock from all the carbs I’ve been eating. Only 2 more days body, hang in there. Cronuts here we come!!!
  54. Oh cronut, how I love thee.
  55. We did manage to fill our time with other more sensible pursuits, like visiting Oratoire St-Joseph, learning about Canadian Saint Brother André, and seeing these unfortunate pedestrian lane markers.
  56. Unfortunate pedestrian marking at Oratoire St-Joseph.
  57. Lots of filming going on, especially in the Vieux Montreal. After seeing a lot of “tournage” signs for “HK,” we asked a security person, who confirmed the project was called “HK.” 5 seconds of Googling revealed the real name.
  58. We saw “HK” being filmed in Vieux Montreal, which is secret code for “Big Hollywood Franchise Film” #xmen
  59. @krisp131 Also on the list: get caught walking through a scene of a new Xmen movie while trying to leave hotel via tunnel.
  60. What’s a visit to Montreal without sampling its fine craft beer? We made a night of it at Dieu du Ciel (29, Ave Laurier Ouest) in the name of research.
  61. Moar beer. Moar carbs.
  62. Enjoying a raucous first visit to @Brasseries_DDC on a rainy Tuesday night. #MTLMoments
  63. Thanks to the internet, I got this near-immediate recommendation from home in Halifax. Alas, it was not meant to be:
  64. @Bobby_OK I just double-checked with our server, no dice.
  65. We chatted up the locals. In our case, this turned out to be this inquisitive Scottish gentleman and his Australian friend.
  66. Here is @krisp131 being thoughtful at Dieu du Ciel with her new Scottish friend Max.
  67. Asked how I manage my legendary (hilariously inept) man-attracting skills, I offered the following assessment:
  68. That’s one to grow on, kids! “@Miss_Close: “Never had it, still got it!” – @krisp131
  69. You can’t visit Montreal without eating poutine, so we headed in the other direction to 24-hour La Banquise (994, Rue Rachel Est) to sample off of their 30 poutine option menu.
  70. #makinggoodchoices at La Banquise with their 30 poutine options #MTLMoments
  71. Drunken choices on a Tuesday night are not the best. #MoarCarbs
  72. I wouldn’t have believed it, but it happened:
  73. Listening to Arcade Fire in a 24h poutine restaurant in #Montreal. #goodtimes
  74. After numerous recommendations and glowing write-ups, we had to try out Beautys Luncheonette (93, Av du Mont-Royal Ouest) for ourselves. Get the Beautys Special: bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, onion.

    We acted like Bieber/Twilightesque fangirls of Hymie Sckolnick, the 92-year old owner, who still works at the diner today, along with his son.
  75. Montreal’s Beautys, an institution, exceeded every expectation. Seeing Hymie the owner was our celebrity sighting for the day. #MTLMoments
  76. Last day in Montreal, having brunch at Beauty’s, it’s pretty awesome. The 92-year old owner still greets and sits customers.
  77. Since we were in the neighbourhood (we weren’t), we made one more attempt at getting off at the right #55 bus stop for cronettos at La Cornetteria. Free tip: it’s the one right before Rue Beaubien.
  78. I fear @Miss_Close and I have become #cronetto regulars at @lacornetteria. #montreal
  79. I’ve already eaten my cronetto, and @krisp131 is still tweeting about hers. I might steal it. #MTLMOMENTS
  80. Sadness prevailed as we boarded the 747 bus back to the airport, our vacation was over.
  81. Heading to the airport. Bye bye cronuts… I mean Montreal. See you next time.
  82. Blanket declaration: vacation over, commence cronetto detox.
  83. Discussing detoxes in our post-cronetto world, @Miss_Close says: “I’ll have a rum and Coke.”
  84. Ok, Diet Coke RT @krisp131: Discussing detoxes in our post-cronetto world, @Miss_Close says: “I’ll have a rum and Coke.”
  85. Mel provided her best 140-character summary of our weekend. Much better than my PG version.
  86. Summary of this trip to Montreal: cronuts, bagels, beer, Beyonce, #55 bus, food trucks and penises.
  87. Long weekend in @montreal described as such: cronettos, Beyonce, mastering transit, beer, bagels & poutine. Blog roundup to follow!
  88. Thanks for reading, there will be more words and pictures about Montreal coming up soon on Bite-sized Travel!



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