I love travelling in the autumn for lots of reasons. In the Northern Hempishere, it’s harvest season, and that includes my dear friend, wine. While I was visiting Italy’s Tuscany region, I managed to visit a vineyard when they were in full-on harvest mode.

I was skeptical, but everything I heard is true: Tuscany is ridiculously beautiful. I was delighted to visit Sant’Agnese Farm on a hot September afternoon to meet the handsome Carlo and be walked through Sant’Agnese Farm’s delicious wines and other culinary products.

Chianti Tuscany Italy wine harvest

Our visit began with a tour of the property. The farm and batches of grapes are small, which means the focus is on making a top-quality product.

Sant'Agnese wine farm Chianti Tuscany Italy

We sampled some glorious wines, including the Abate di Sant’Agnese (with a hearty 90% Sangiovese) and the gorgeous Dincanto Super Tuscan. Sant’Agnese farm also makes and ages balsamic vinegar, delicious honey, olive oil, and seems to have perfected a sweet garlic that doesn’t bite. I’m sure any time is a good time to visit Tuscany, but visiting during the harvest is a sensory experience that simply cannot be beat.

It was a perfect travel experience. I was with a group who started as strangers. The sun laid in our table, and we celebrated our good fortune in being in such a beautiful place on such a perfect day. We toasted our hosts, our good fortune and our new friendship.