Italy travel journal: Visiting Tuscany during wine harvest

I love travelling in the autumn for lots of reasons. In the Northern Hempishere, it’s harvest season, and that includes my dear friend, wine. While I was visiting Italy’s Tuscany region, I managed to visit a vineyard when they were in full-on harvest mode.

I was skeptical, but everything I heard is true: Tuscany is ridiculously beautiful. I was delighted to visit Sant’Agnese Farm on a hot September afternoon to meet the handsome Carlo and be walked through Sant’Agnese Farm’s delicious wines and other culinary products.

Chianti Tuscany Italy wine harvest

Our visit began with a tour of the property. The farm and batches of grapes are small, which means the focus is on making a top-quality product.

Sant'Agnese wine farm Chianti Tuscany Italy

We sampled some glorious wines, including the Abate di Sant’Agnese (with a hearty 90% Sangiovese) and the gorgeous Dincanto Super Tuscan. Sant’Agnese farm also makes and ages balsamic vinegar, delicious honey, olive oil, and seems to have perfected a sweet garlic that doesn’t bite. I’m sure any time is a good time to visit Tuscany, but visiting during the harvest is a sensory experience that simply cannot be beat.

It was a perfect travel experience. I was with a group who started as strangers. The sun laid in our table, and we celebrated our good fortune in being in such a beautiful place on such a perfect day. We toasted our hosts, our good fortune and our new friendship.



    I’m glad to hear that Tuscany ended up being every bit as beautiful as they make it sound. It sure looks beautiful in your photos! My fiance and I will be travelling there in March. We just recently reserved out stay at the villas in Tuscany, Italy and we can’t wait! I’m definitely excited about tasting REAL Italian wine and food!


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