Bite-sized Travel’s 2nd blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary to me! Happy blogiversary to me! Two years ago today, I clicked “create” and became a travel blogger. Let us celebrate with cronuts!

Cronetto La Cornetteria Montreal
Please play along and imagine this cronetto has burning candles on it.

I had no expectations and knew next to nothing about travel blogging or travel writing. I don’t necessarily know a lot more today, but I’m continuing to work at it and seeking the balance between having a full-time job (which I like very much), having a non-paying part-time job (hint: this one) and having a life beyond both of those jobs.

What’s ahead for 2014

For Year 3, I’m going to keep on keeping on. I have a real domain name now, which is about as close to professional blogging as I can handle. I still have many adventures I haven’t discussed yet, and I’m hoping to pick away at those while I continue to refine my tips and tricks for fun, budget-friendly travel.

This year is a “light” travel year for me in that I’m going on two trips, well into the year. The major focus of this year’s travel is preparation for my Camino de Santiago in September, and I expect that will dominate blogging this year (bring me those sweet, sweet page views, peregrinos). I’ve got some other fun travel coming up in the summer, with a trip to London to see the Monty Python reunion and experience Canada Day abroad, so I expect to have some fun posts out of that adventure, too.

On a funnier note, I looked into obtaining the .com for my blog in 2013 and it was a minor failure. However, my domain registry suggested “” as an available alternate, which is pretty amazing.

I love my guest bloggers

My dear guest bloggers, the blog couldn’t have continued without your contributions. Thank you for going places I haven’t been, sharing your wisdom and providing me and our readers with interesting and informative content. Generally speaking, I harass my friends and acquaintances to guest post for me and that trend will continue in the new year. In fact, it may even increase.

A special thanks to readers

Readers, you’re the best. Thank you for reading, for clicking “like,” for subscribing to receive updates by email, for adding comments with your own thoughts and tips. You’re the reason I didn’t lose interest in blogging after a couple of months, and I look forward to continuing to share the best of what I find, wherever in the world I find it.

Thank you!



    • Thanks for the good wishes, happy new year to you, too! I have to stop posting the pictures of the cronuts, they leave me hungry and hankering for a return to New York.

  1. Happy Plane-aversary! Ani-vegas-ary! A-Nevada-versary! This is the only blog I read with some regularly and on days when it’s slow at work, I pop over here for some day-dreaming and trip planning! Thanks for all the great posts and tips!


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